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Prepping your CRM for Artificial Intelligence: Why AI Initiatives Fail & How to Lay the Foundation for Data Success

Mar 24, 2022

Welcome to the age of Big Data. With over 1.145 trillion MB of data created every day, go-to-market teams like yours have more information and resources at ...
Data Productivity: Unlocking Sales Success with GridBuddy Connect by Validity

Mar 04, 2022

Nobody in Sales signed up to be a data entry clerk. Yet, today’s SDRs and Sales Executives spend more time updating their deals in the CRM than they do ...
Email Marketing Predictions & Winning Strategies for 2022

Feb 01, 2022

For over two decades, email has been the “tried and true” channel for digital marketers because of its simplicity and versatility. But with sweeping ...
3 Data Strategies to Empower your Go-to-Market Motion and Fuel Growth in 2022

Dec 20, 2021

Data C-suites from Western Union, Baker Hughes and Validity unite on this roundtable discussion to talk about data strategies, 2022 planning, and the methods ...
Supercharge Email Program Performance in 2022 with Everest by Validity

Dec 19, 2021

For digital marketers, 2021 has been a rollercoaster ride with industry developments like Apple’s release of iOS15 and Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) ...
The 5 Most Valuable Customer & Prospect Data Points You Can Collect to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience and Drive New-Business Growth in 2022

Dec 14, 2021

Evolving data protection regulations and new privacy measures like Apple’s MPP means the task for marketers of generating – and measuring – customer ...
Salesforce Demo Jam: DemandTools Rap Demo

Nov 19, 2021

For over two decades, tens of thousands of Salesforce Orgs have relied on DemandTools by Validity to dedupe, modify, standardize, extract and transform their ...
Decades in the Making, How we Ended up with Data Chaos…and How to Fix it!

Nov 12, 2021

For over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of orgs have used Salesforce CRM to manage their Customer & Prospect data. While features, functions and workflows ...
Pivoting to Win: 3 Ways Leading Email Marketing Brands are Using Apple’s MPP & an Evolving Digital Landscape to their Advantage

Nov 08, 2021

On September 20th, Apple released iOS 15 and introduced Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) to its nearly 1.6 billion users, and marketers worldwide have been ...
Celebrating a Double Decade of DemandTools

Oct 26, 2021

After 20 years of automating over 80 million data quality jobs, DemandTools has helped thousands of CRM admins and RevOps teams get their CRM data ...
Email is NOT Dead: 3 Ways to Juice Your Email Marketing Program for Q4 and Beyond

Oct 19, 2021

Despite what you may have heard or assumed, email as a B2B marketing channel is NOT dead. On the contrary, many of us have relied on email more than ever over ...
5 Quick Wins to Bring Order to your Data Chaos

Oct 13, 2021

Your data is your most versatile asset, relied on by every department to plan for and deliver successful outcomes. How do you ensure you can trust your data ...
5 Tactical Plays to Innovate your Email Program, Engage your Customers, and Stand Out from the Competition

Oct 10, 2021

Business leaders everywhere are reflecting on 2021 and strategizing for how they’re going to drive massive growth in 2022. With many things up in the air, ...
Five Lessons from Automating Over 80 Million Data Quality Jobs

Sep 28, 2021

Is your CRM working for you? Or the other way around? WATCH ON-DEMAND to hear from Validity’s Chris Hyde, Global Head of Data Solutions, and Olivia ...
Why Your ABM Strategy Sucks & What You Can Do About It

Aug 23, 2021

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has taken the world by storm. According to Salesforce, 92% of revenue orgs are adopting an ABM approach to capitalize on proven ...
How to Fire Up Engagement Without Burning Out Subscribers This Holiday Season

Aug 18, 2021

Email continues to be a top-performing channel for businesses today with an average return on investment of 38:1, and with peak sales season right around the ...
Master Data Management – A Single Source of Truth

Aug 05, 2021

Every data-driven business strategy begins with data collection, but bringing multiple databases and data sources into a single, centralized view is a ...
How to Keep Improving Your Customer Experience in a More Private Digital Marketing Landscape

Jul 28, 2021

With privacy policies continuing to evolve in today’s digital-first world, how are forward-thinking marketing orgs adapting and delivering the best ...
You’re Ignoring the Most Important Ingredient of Customer Experience: Your Data

Jun 21, 2021

In the rush to adopt newer technologies like AI and machine learning, too many CX professionals are hamstrung by the most important ingredient of customer ...
Why Your ABM Strategy is Stuck and What You Can Do About It

Jun 10, 2021

Everyone is moving to ABM, and with benefits like better conversion rates, higher contract values, and shorter sales cycles, it’s easy to see why. The ...
Digital is Here to Stay: How to Ensure Your Marketing Organization is Set Up for Success in a Digital-First World

May 28, 2021

How has the acceleration of digital adoption affected marketers worldwide? What new trends, tactics and strategies have surfaced in light of remote work that ...
Why Deliverability Matters – And Why It’s Getting Harder

May 24, 2021

Email is definitely not dead, in fact, it’s as alive as ever. The past year has shown a surge in email marketing activity, proving that email continues to be ...
The Importance of Data Across the Customer Lifecycle: How to Ensure Your Data Helps You Cultivate Engagement Throughout the Funnel

May 18, 2021

In this session, Kate Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Validity, and Olivia Hinkle, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Validity, lay out the ...
Validity at Inbox Expo 2021

May 11, 2021

Inbox Expo’s Spring Edition from emailexpert is an email industry conference & expo bringing together email marketers, email designers, email ...
Validity: Establishing Competitive Advantage for MeritB2B By Creating a High-Performing Email Channel

May 03, 2021

In the ever-changing world of B2B Email Marketing, how are modern brands capitalizing on emerging technologies and new tactics to set themselves apart from the ...
Where’s the (H)uman in B2B?

Mar 25, 2021

In this session, Kate Adams, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Validity, explains why most B2B marketing funnels are broken and provides insights & ...
The Summit [APAC]

Nov 23, 2020

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s important to be ready to face rapid change and adopt new technology. Beyond adapting to change, this period ...
Emarsys Retail Renaissance: Better Data, Better Engagement, Better Returns!

Sep 21, 2020

Validity’s VP of Customer Engagement, Guy Hanson, joins Emarsys’s Head of Deliverability, Steve Henderson, to discuss better data and the ...



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