5 Tactical Plays to Innovate your Email Program, Engage your Customers, and Stand Out from the Competition

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Presented at the AMA Digital Marketing Conference

Business leaders everywhere are reflecting on 2021 and strategizing for how they’re going to drive massive growth in 2022. With many things up in the air, now’s the time to build your case for why Email is a vital marketing channel and pave the way towards innovation for your organization to stay ahead.

WATCH ON DEMAND to hear from Kate Adams, SVP of Marketing at Validity, as she breaks down the “old way” of looking at email marketing VS the “new way” that leading brands are adopting to engage with their customers, convert their prospects, and stand out from the competition in Q4 and beyond.

You’ll learn:

  • Why the “old way” of email marketing doesn’t work anymore, and how to fix it
  • New and emerging email tactics and technologies leading brands are leveraging to build brand awareness and create competitive advantage
  • 5 tactical plays you can implement NOW to level up your email program

For a copy of the presentation deck, please click here!