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Comexposium is a world leader in the organization of professional and consumer events. The group has organized more than 135 B2B/B2B2C events worldwide and covers many industries, including agriculture, construction, fashion, health, leisure, real estate, agri-food, security, education, tourism...

Individual Restaurants is one of the UK’s leading privately owned restaurant groups with over 40 upmarket Italian and Grill restaurants located across central London, as well as other major UK cities, affluent towns, and their suburbs. Individual Restaurants operates Club Individual – their life...

The email channel forms an important part of MeritB2B’s performance marketing solutions. By their own recognition, they were a mature sender, but had some blind spots around some of the more technological email marketing challenges, including deliverability and data quality. Additionally, since...

Managing multiple email audiences for different sectors of the business, Philips was struggling to gain insight into its email deliverability and performance. Indeed, with little monitoring in place, the company was sending emails blindly without any awareness of how each campaign was being...

While the company offers gifting through its website year-round, it makes the vast majority of its revenue in the last six weeks of the year. Email marketing is a big part of helping to reach that goal. With incredibly loyal customers, Hickory Farms has traditionally received great responses from...

As a global Validity partner, many of Emarsys’s email sending customers use Validity’s Certification program to maximise their deliverability, improve program performance, and optimise return on investment. It is important for Emarsys to independently and critically evaluate all potential...

lm boasts 43 million global users spread across 40 countries who speak 17 different languages. Email plays a vital role in communicating with this audience as they search for inspiration when booking their travel and leisure experiences. At the beginning of 2020, lm group started migrating its...

With send volumes of up to 5 million emails per month, depending on the time of year, Cheerz’s marketing teams needed solid expertise to ensure successful message delivery. Poor Sender Score metrics were resulting in declining deliverability rates - particularly at Microsoft - meaning weakened... operates a significant email marketing programme, providing weekly deals and price alerts to its multi-million opt-in email database. Whilst understood and measured the importance of key engagement metrics such as open, click and send ratios, inbox placement was not...



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