FanFinders improves their deliverability rate to 95% and increases engagement from large membership base.

The Highlights:


inbox placement rate


Increase in delivery rate

The challenge:

Poor deliverability and low subscriber engagement.

FanFinders was experiencing low subscriber engagement and low inbox placement rates for their promotional email campaigns. The metrics were specifically low with Microsoft-hosted emails when sending on one of two load-balanced IPs. Because the IP had a less-established sender reputation, it is subject to stricter inbox filtering rules, making deliverability a challenge. With low inbox placement rates, many members were not receiving the messages they signed up for and FanFinders was struggling to connect and engage with their entire membership base via email.

The solution:

More email to subscribers’ inboxes with Sender Certification.

FanFinders looked to Validity’s Sender Certification program to help overcome their deliverability challenges. Once accepted into the program, FanFinders received continuous security monitoring to protect their program, access to exclusive data to make more informed decisions about their program, and preferential treatment at major mailboxes, including Microsoft, to improve inbox placement rates. As a Certified sender, mailbox providers recognize FanFinders as a safe and reputable sender, leading to a stronger reputation and improved deliverability. This allowed them to reach more subscribers with their promotional email campaigns.

“[Validity] enabled a smooth process to become Certified in part to their dedication to a close collaboration and strategic action plan. Their analysts worked closely with the FanFinders team, demonstrating extensive deliverability expertise and addressing our specific goals. We are pleased to have chosen an industry leader in email Certification to help us provide an indispensable service to brands and new mums.”

Alec Dobbie – CEO, FanFinders

The results:

Stronger deliverability and higher open rates.

The Sender Certification program helped FanFinders overcome their deliverability challenges and improve critical email performance metrics. After joining the program, they saw inbox placement rates improve to 95% and open rates increase to 15%. They also experienced measurable improvements at Microsoft inboxes, which represent a sizable portion of their list, including a 50% increase in their delivery rate.

Through the Sender Certification program, FanFinders was able to ensure their marketing emails were reaching their subscribers’ inboxes, allowing their members to take advantage of promotional offers and content they signed up for. The email performance uplift was critical for a channel that drives sizable revenue for the business.

As a leader in connecting brands with parents from bump to birth and beyond, FanFinders works with companies like Tesco, Mothercare, Babies R Us, and Ella’s Kitchen to help them connect with more mums. They also create sampling opportunities, brochure requests, newsletter/club sign ups, and more. Their “Your Baby Club” has over one million members signed up and connects new mothers directly with the products and services they require. Email marketing drives 30% of FanFinders’ revenue and is essential for re-engagement with new mothers.