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Businesses rely on data in their CRM to make connections with prospects and customers and to direct strategy. With the staggering amount of data coming into a CRM on a regular basis, it’s easy for that information to degrade significantly over a short period of time. If organizations aren’t maintaining high data quality, their best asset quickly turns into a liability. 

Data quality no longer needs to compete with other business initiatives. Validity enables you to maintain high quality data and make it a sustainable priority, so your data helps you accomplish other business goals. With tools to remove and prevent duplicates, standardize and mass modify data, and manage your specific data needs, Validity empowers you to get the most out of your CRM data. 

Data Quality and Management

DemandTools lets you manage all aspects of your data in bulk with repeatable and automated processes instead of record by record or need by need.

Data Productivity

GridBuddy Connect centralizes data from multiple systems to provide deeper insights and makes updating data spreadsheet-simple to improve team productivity.

Data Verification

BriteVerify email verification integrates with multiple email and point of capture platforms to ensure the emails in your CRM and on your lists are correct, deliverable, and provide value to your business. 

Ensure your data remains your most valuable asset.

DemandTools is a top-rated data management and data quality platform providing CRM systems with scalable tools to find and remediate data quality issues and manage the daily needs of your data. 

Unlike other data quality solutions, which take longer to learn and don’t have everything you need, DemandTools gives you the most comprehensive, versatile, “Swiss Army knife” of tools so you can manage your data in minutes instead of months, provide accurate, report-ready data you can trust, and market, sell, and support more effectively. 

Keep your team more focused on growing your business than updating your data.

GridBuddy Connect is the data productivity platform that connects data across multiple systems and improves how teams work with the data they need to do their job successfully.

Typical data navigation and updating experiences require users to click back and forth between tabs and windows and work across disparate systems. GridBuddy Connect combines all the data your teams need into an editable, spreadsheet-simple view so you can get all your insights in one place and engage confidently using the right data.   

Verify contact data for a better ROI from sales, marketing, and service.

An email address is one of your marketing and sales team’s most valuable pieces of data. Mailing to invalid or problematic addresses damages your reputation with mailbox providers, and either slows down or kills the sales process. This prevents you from connecting with legitimate recipients and growing your business. 

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing contact verification solution. It provides secure, scalable validation, so you can build and maintain an actionable database, reach more people, and communicate more effectively. 

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

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Need to understand the current state of your CRM data?

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Data Quality Assessment

Managing data quality can feel like a losing battle when you don’t know where to start. Taking a data quality assessment is an easy way to identify the weakest points in your data and map out a remediation plan.  

Your data quality assessment will tell you key metrics about your data health including the level of duplicate records, missing and unstandardized data, and which records have incomplete decision support.