Understand how strong or weak your data is and know where to focus remediation efforts.

Find your weak spots

Assess Lead, Contact, Account, and Opportunity records that directly impact your ability to market, sell, and support effectively.

Assess these 6 data points:

  • Duplicates
  • Invalid Emails
  • Missing Engagement Points
  • Missing Business Segmentation
  • Incomplete Decision Support
  • Malformed Content

You can also:

  • Drill into object-specific results for more detailed insights

Better understand your data

Use five data quality categories to understand the overall state of your CRM data

We use these 5 categories:

  • Unactionable
  • Insufficient
  • Limited
  • Acceptable
  • Validified

You can also:

  • Run Assess on demand or on a schedule for continuous data quality monitoring
  • Access previous assessments to track quality improvements over time

“We use DemandTools across our entire organization. We have used it to migrate and merge Salesforce orgs into one org, clean data, and merge accounts and contacts that are duplicated. We also use it for quick analysis of objects and fields to determine usage and review data hygiene efforts.”

Brian Treml, Salesforce Analytics and Training Leader – Nielsen

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

Set up time with one of our data experts today and learn how DemandTools strengthens your business by giving you clean data you can trust.

DemandTools Features

DemandTools Features