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State of Email Live

Dec 7 | 12pm ET • 5pm UK

In our final episode for 2022 we’ll bring together four previous State of Email guests for a retrospective where we talk about how they’ve responded to emerging challenges.

[Inbox Insiders] Rockin’ Around the Inbox: Fireside AMA with the Email Experts

December 13 | 12pm ET • 5pm UK

We’ve assembled a crack team of Validity Email Strategists who help email marketers across the world solve their trickiest email challenges.

Data In Sight: Nitty, Gritty Tactics to Improve Data Quality and Fuel your Sales & Marketing Funnel

December 15 | 1pm ET • 6pm UK

Tune to get the tactical, "in-the-weeds" data tips you need with Olivia Hinkle (Validity) and Angie Henkel (Ridecell).

Past Webinars

Watch recorded webinars and learn from Q&A sessions, in your own time and on any device.

[Inbox Insiders] You Should Give a Damn About Your Bad Reputation: How to Boost Your Sender Reputation and Reach More Inboxes

Nov 23, 2022

We hate to disagree with Joan Jett—but you should give a damn about your bad reputation. ♫ Depending on your sender reputation, mailbox providers will ...
Data in Sight: 5 Steps to Cure Data Chaos and Delight CRM Users

Nov 11, 2022

Data is messy. And while it may be your business’s most versatile asset, the data in your CRM is only as good as your ability to maintain it. Tune in to hear ...
State of Email, Ep. 38: Inbox or Junk Folder: Who Wields the Power?

Nov 10, 2022

Getting your emails delivered is hard. But ensuring they land in the inbox—especially during the business-critical holiday season—is even harder. Why? ...
[Inbox Insiders] Why Authentication Matters: An Email Marketer’s Crash Course in DMARC, SPF, and DKIM

Oct 26, 2022

Who’s ready to get technical? A whopping 90 percent of all cyberattacks start with email—and email authentication protocols like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM are a ...
State of Email, Ep. 37: Testing Times

Oct 06, 2022

Testing is the backbone of any strong email program. It can make the difference between a high-performing campaign, and one that fails to stand out in the ...
APAC State of Email Live, Ep. 3

Sep 27, 2022

In Q4, the regular pressures of email marketing reach a boiling point as senders work to meet year-end revenue goals and capitalize on consumers’ willingness ...