State of Email Live: Google Talks About the New Gmail Sender Requirements

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The recent announcement of Gmail and Yahoo’s new requirements for bulk senders sent shockwaves throughout the email industry.

Although these requirements take effect in February, many senders are still confused about what these policies mean and how to comply. As a result, their email programs are still unprepared—and their deliverability is about to get much more difficult!

To lend a hand, we’re going straight to the source.

Watch the State of Email Live recording featuring Ebenezer Anjorin, Lead Product Manager at Google, to learn more about:

Which specific requirements Gmail (and Yahoo) are introducing—and why

How to comply with the new requirements—and penalties for non-compliance

Common misperceptions about the new policies

Time frames for enforcement

Validity’s in-house email expert Julie Stuck also joined us to review the latest global email KPIs, and whether the new requirements are having any impact.