Our New Not-For-Profit Grant Program

You Serve Big Even When You’re Small

The majority of not-for-profit (NFP) organizations in the United States are modest in size, with under $250,000 in assets. Individuals in these organizations work tirelessly for their communities and causes, serving big even though they’re small.

As is often the case, with limited funds comes limited options, making it nearly impossible for these smaller NFPs to access high-quality software to support their efforts. At Validity, we’re big believers in the work NFPs are doing and have designed the Validity NFP Grant Program to help.


Who Qualifies?

To qualify for the Validity NFP Grant Program and receive free access to Validity’s DemandTools solution:

  1. Organizations must have end of year assets under $250,000 (found on line 20 of your form 990).
  2. You must submit a copy of your organization’s 990 (or equivalent for international organizations) to Validity when requesting a grant.


Use Our Tools to Support Your Mission

With DemandTools, the data quality solution trusted by thousands of Salesforce admins worldwide and countless non-profits for more than a decade, you can:

  • Achieve and maintain high quality CRM data
  • Keep your Salesforce database clean, standardized, and free of duplicates
  • Build long-term relationships with donors and bring more awareness to your cause
  • Leverage easy-to-use modules and features that can boost the results of your fundraising strategies
  • Save money on campaign messaging by avoiding costly duplicate mailings

Over the last 15 years, our program has provided $65 million to the NFP community and counting! We look forward to becoming a trusted partner for all NFPs and thank you for the work you do!

If you're up for renewal, or new to Validity, fill out the form to apply for your grant