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Changes to Validity’s Not-For-Profit (NFP) Program

Recently, Validity implemented changes to our Not-For-Profit (NFP) grant program which has donated over $65 million to the NFP community over the last 15 years. We’re proud of the many thousands of organizations we’ve helped obtain data quality and compliance through our solutions. However, as we have embarked upon a large investment in furthering our technology and platform, we chose to stop issuing new grants for our core products.

Over the last few weeks, many of you in the NFP community have reached out to share how important our platform is for your organizations and we have been studying this feedback – thank you to all of you who have reached out to share your stories. We understand how challenging it is for smaller NFPs to try and hold budgets together with a shoe-string and we certainly do not want to add to that burden. So, I am announcing today that we are modifying our wide-reaching NFP program in a fashion that will serve the vast majority of NFP organizations that serve with generous hearts.


The New Validity NFP Grant Program

In studying the NFP landscape, we see that a majority of organizations in the United States are modest in size, with under $250,000 in assets. We have spoken with many of the people involved in these organizations and see how tirelessly you are working to serve your communities, often with little support. For all of you in this community – thank you for the work that you do, and we will continue to issue grants to enable you to use DemandTools for free. We estimate the value of these grants to just those small NFPs currently using the Validity platform today to be over $5 million per year, though we understand that our donation could grow substantially if the rest of the small NFP community seeks grants and desires to benefit from DemandTools. That’s ok – we’re big believers in the work that you are doing, and we are happy to help.

To qualify for the new Validity NFP grant program:

    1. Organizations must have end of year assets under $250,000 (found on line 20 of your form 990).
    2. You must submit your organization’s 990 (or equivalent for international organizations) to Validity when requesting a grant.


Furthermore, we will continue offering relief to those NFP organizations that are too big for our grant program:

    1. We will continue to offer a 20% discount off many of Validity’s products.
    2. For those that have missed their budget cycle, we are happy to work with you. Give us a call and we will figure out, together, a fair approach to contracting.
    3. Any NFP that contracts before Dreamforce 2018 will receive an additional 10% discount (30% total discount).
    4. If you’re not currently up for renewal, you don’t need to do anything at this time.


Trust Validity.

We have embarked upon a substantial platform reinvestment to modernize, advance, and integrate our products, as well as to bring to market some next-generation services to help organizations achieve substantially better data quality and compliance. You will be hearing lots more about the Validity Trust Platform in the months ahead and we are excited to be furthering our global leadership in this space. We now have served over 40,000 leading businesses (and countless NFPs) across the world who have come to rely upon Validity to trust their data and we remain committed to bringing these services to all of you in the NFP community in a fair and equitable fashion.

I hope these changes will help all of our friends in the NFP community and I want to thank all of you who reached out over these last several weeks to offer feedback and your stories – I am personally inspired by each of you and the great work you do!


Mark Briggs
Chief Executive Officer
Validity, Inc.

If you’re up for renewal, or new to Validity, fill out the form to apply for your grant