[Inbox Insiders] Anatomy of an Email: Optimization Tips from Header to Footer

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In an industry filled with jargon, it can be tough to keep each component of your email template straight. (For example, what the heck is the difference between pre-header and preview text?)

Plus, in the mad dash to get campaigns out the door, it can be easy to overlook certain less visible email elements.

But every bone, tendon, and ligament of your email matters when it comes to engaging subscribers!

For expert guidance to learn how, watch this 30-minute on demand webinar, featuring Validity’s in-house Email Strategist Julie Stuck.

Tune in for details on:

  • Optimization hacks for every part of the email, including subject lines, pre-headers, and more.
  • How email composition best practices are changing amid new sender requirements from Gmail and Yahoo.
  • How to make the most of emerging features like Google Annotations.
  • Examples from senders who got their email anatomy right.