Bulk Verification

Perform regular validation of large datasets at speed and scale to remove information that has become stagnant.

Keep your database actionable with ongoing verification at scale.

Your customer contact information does not remain actionable permanently. Email addresses change, become disabled, and are deleted over time. Keeping stale data in your database damages your sender reputation, hinders email engagement, and wastes valuable resources.

The Bulk Verification API performs verification of large sets of data at speed and scale to keep your database actionable. Use the Bulk Verification API to validate databases or large lists on a frequent basis to remove contact information that has become dormant or no longer exists. The Bulk Verification API allows you to automate your list cleaning process, saving your team significant time and resources while ensuring your database is up to date.

What information can be validated with the Bulk Verification API?

  • Global email addresses
  • Phone numbers (U.S. and Canada)

How should the Bulk Verification API be used?

  • Proactive cleansing of your customer database
  • Verification of your email lists prior to sending bulk campaigns

“We needed to run a huge email validation exercise (several million addresses) and were going to use a 3rd-party business, at significant cost. Our new Everest package meant we could do this internally for no additional charge, suppressing a large tranche of high-risk invalid addresses. It’s so vital to be able to trust your data – imagine the terrible impact of sending hundreds of thousands of invalids on our sender reputation, that we’ve worked so hard to build!”

Sarah Hawkes, Senior Manager, Loyalty, The Rank Group

Ensure contact information is continuously actionable for sales, marketing, and customer service communications.