Simple pricing to support the needs of your business.

Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Credits are easy to purchase and our bundles support businesses of all sizes. Stock your account with credits so they are ready when you perform a verification or purchase just enough to complete the job. One credit is good for one verification.

5,000 Verifications

$0.0080 per verification

10,000 Verifications

$0.0080 per verification

20,000 Verifications

$0.0075 per verification

30,000 Verifications

$0.0070 per verification

50,000 Verifications

$0.0065 per verification

100,000 Verifications

$0.0060 per verification

250,000 Verifications

$0.0050 per verification

500,000 Verifications

$0.0045 per verification

Subscription Pricing

Need more verifications? We’ve got you covered. Our subscription packages are a cost-effective way to perform verifications at scale and on a regular basis. See if a subscription package is right for you.

Included with your BriteVerify account:

   24/7 access to the BriteVerify web app
   Access to the BriteVerify suite of APIs
   Online chat support
   Volume Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will my email list take to verify?

On average, BriteVerify verifies 4,000 email addresses per minute. For a list of 100,000 email addresses, it will take ~25 minutes.


Is my data safe?

Yes. The security of your data is our top priority. To protect the privacy of our customers and your subscribers, we never store your data in our systems for more than 7 days. You also may delete your data permanently from the system at any time.


How is BriteVerify different from other validation tools?

BriteVerify is the industry’s longest standing solution with over a decade of experience and expertise. With the highest privacy and security stands, it has an established customer base consisting of organizations of all sizes and across all verticals. BriteVerify expands beyond your standard contact verification tool and provides solutions that grow and scale with your business and solve the unique challenges that marketers and CRM professionals face every day.