BriteVerify integrates with your favorite tools to help automate your validation process.

Simplify your validation process with custom integrations.

Connect with your existing systems using our suite of APIs to help automate and simplify your workflows. Our APIs enable you to validate information in real time as it’s entered into your webforms, as well as in bulk and on a regular cadence within your database. These custom integrations allow you to save time and continue working out of the systems your teams know and love while ensuring a clean and actionable database.

How should the APIs be used?

  • Integrate on your web forms or mobile application to verify data at the point of collection and prompt for correction when needed
  • Proactive cleansing of your customer database at speed and scale
  • Verification of large email lists prior to sending bulk campaigns

Streamline your email marketing workflows with ready-made integrations.

Our out-of-the-box integrations make it easy to connect with your existing marketing platforms. Verify new or existing email lists and get rapid results directly within your current system. Our direct integrations are easy to implement and allow marketing teams to work within the platforms they love while practicing strong list hygiene to protect their reputation and maximize email performance.

How should direct integrations be used?

  • Use as part of your pre-flight workflow to verify your email list and automatically remove addresses that are invalid or risky prior to sending your campaign

“We had a very large and old database that was performing very poorly. BriteVerify helped with database hygiene. We rooted out addresses that churned and were able to focus on targeted email programs with only verified email addresses. This greatly improved performance of our email programs.”

– Marketing and Content Strategist

Streamline your validation workflow with easy-to-use integrations.



BriteVerify email verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time


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