Email List Verification

Quickly identify and remove contact information that is invalid before trying to connect with them.

Validate the addresses on your list before you hit send to protect your sender reputation.

Mailing to invalid or risky email addresses results in higher bounce rates, damaging your reputation with mailbox providers and preventing you from reaching legitimate recipients.

BriteVerify’s list validation enables you to quickly identify and remove invalid email addresses from your lists before you send your campaign. Simply import your email list as a CSV or text file to the easy-to-use web app, or connect directly with your Email Service Provider (ESP). Your list will be loaded and verified within minutes. You’ll receive a detailed breakdown of the list results summarizing the total number of invalid and risky emails. Choose the results you want to download and feel confident your list is clean when you hit send. With no developers required, this is the perfect solution for quick one-off requests. Plus, you can use list validation to verify phone numbers and mailing addresses, enabling your team to communicate with customers and prospects more effectively.

What information can be validated using list validation?

  • Global email addresses
  • Phone numbers (U.S. & Canada)
  • Mailing addresses (U.S.)

How should list validation be used?

  • Quick, one-off validation requests
  • Validation without the need for developers
  • Validating your email list prior to sending a campaign

BriteVerify list verification identified almost 10% of Club Individual’s email addresses as either invalid or risky to use. Suppressing them saw an immediate reduction in spam trap hits, which are now down to one quarter of initial levels.

Protect your sender reputation
and engage more people.