Real-Time Verification

Verify customer information at the point of capture to prevent invalid data from entering your database.

Ensure your customers are providing accurate and actionable contact information.

Web forms and mobile applications continuously accept contact information that is misspelled, invalid, or fake. This information enters and contaminates your database, resulting in a missed opportunity, wasted marketing spend, and ineffective sales follow-up.

The Real-Time Single Transaction API allows you to verify information on demand as a user enters it into your web form or mobile application. It flags invalid contact information at the point of collection and prompts the user for a correction in real-time. By verifying information at the source, prospects and customers will receive the follow-up they expect and your internal teams won’t waste time trying to connect with invalid contacts.

What information can be validated with the
Real-Time Single Transaction API?

  • Global email addresses
  • Phone numbers (U.S. and Canada)
  • Mailing addresses (U.S.)

Where can the Real-Time Single Transaction API be used?

  • Contact, newsletter, loyalty, and account creation forms on the web or in your app
  • Ecommerce order forms
  • Data entry forms for internal systems

“We use BriteVerify at the point of entry of our email addresses on our consumer and Health Care Professional websites. If we don’t use it, we have invalid email addresses in our database. Then when we send emails to these invalid email addresses, we impact our email reputation.”

Craig Hood, Channel Excellence Lead, AstraZeneca

Ensure the information entering your database is accurate to maximize the customer experience.



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