State of Email Live: Loyalty and Profitability: Key Learnings from Asda’s Customer-Centric Email Strategy

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In 2024, your email subscribers want more than basic personalization—they want VIP treatment.

But achieving this in an authentic, credible way is easier said than done.

Fortunately, Asda’s Emma-Louise Birch and Bria Edwards-Joseph are experts in finding the right balance between customer centricity and profitability.

Watch the on-demand recording from episode 54 of State of Email Live as our hosts explain how Asda’s award-winning email program has perfected the art (and science) of growing the volume and value of loyal customers.

You will learn:

  • How to build a testing roadmap that delivers customer-centricity
  • Tips to use dynamic content for best results
  • Which goals and metrics are essential to measure email success (and how they achieved a 5x click rate uplift in their campaigns!)
  • How world-class deliverability factors into this equation

Validity’s Rafael Viana also presented the very latest Email Analytics, covering a range of critical KPIs, and whether enforcement of Gmail & Yahoo’s new bulk sender requirements started to have an impact!