State of Email Live – In Conversation with Microsoft

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When it comes to email deliverability, marketers know Hotmail, Outlook, and Office 365 are some of the hardest inboxes to reach. One primary reason why? Microsoft’s spam filtering has some very specific complexities!

To achieve strong deliverability with Microsoft, Senders need to master the intricacies of spam confidence levels, understand that users can sweep away all emails they don’t want, and master the real-life “good vs junk” feedback from Microsoft’s unique Spamfighters program.

Fortunately, this month’s episode of State of Email Live features two special guests who can help: Jeff Dellapina, Sr. Email Delivery Manager, and Mihai Costea, Principal Program Manager, at Microsoft.

Watch now in for details on:

  • What does a good email sender look like to Microsoft?
  • How does Microsoft’s spam filtering really work?
  • What is the difference between SCLs, BCLs, and PCLs?
  • Which tools will help improve Microsoft deliverability?
  • How is Microsoft thinking about the new Gmail/Yahoo bulk sender requirements?