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Duplicate Management

Detect, eliminate, and prevent duplicate records from misleading your sales and marketing teams and causing friction in your customer journey.

Dedupe & Convert

Clean up existing duplicates and maintain a duplicate-free CRM.

  • Standard and custom object merging, including Contacts with indirect Account relationships
  • Cross-object deduplication for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  • Lead to Account linking
  • Ability to identify duplicates by matching fields or loading a file
  • 20+ exact, fuzzy, and customizable matching algorithms
  • Cross-field matching (e.g., compare the email field against the alternate email field)
  • Custom and out-of-the-box deduplication scenarios, winning record rules, and field rules
  • Inline editable, and exportable duplicate results grid
  • Post-merge file to track which record IDs remained in Salesforce
  • Option to save and schedule deduplication scenarios


Ensure list imports don’t create duplicates and that records get routed to the correct owner and Campaign in one process.

  • Compare spreadsheets against existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts simultaneously
  • Use comparison steps to match records using different combinations of fields and matching algorithms
  • Create new Leads, Contacts, and Accounts or add new Contacts to existing Accounts
  • Update existing records when matches are found
  • Associate Leads and Contacts to Campaigns
  • Assign follow-up Tasks for each record
  • Save scenario settings for future imports


Put a protective barrier around Salesforce and prevent duplicates at the source.

  • Native Salesforce duplicate blocker and part of the DemandTools suite
  • Identify duplicates in real time and handle them based on business needs and end user experience.
  • Prevent duplicates on standard and custom objects and between Lead, Contact, and Account records
  • Detect duplicates as records are created or updated
  • Block, auto-merge, auto-convert, and report duplicates or redirect users to an existing record
  • Customize the action taken when a duplicate is detected with Apex code
  • Bypass record blocking based on lead source or scenario settings

Best data management tool I’ve used

“We initially purchased DemandTools specifically for deduping but quickly found that it can be used for so much more. The duplicate management tool is extremely powerful. I can’t live without the record merge function. Excellent customer support—responds quickly. Some of the best application resources I’ve used.”

Deb Luebchow, Regional Solutions Expert / IT Project Manager, Doosan Portable Power

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

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