Salesforce Email Verification

Verify email addresses in Salesforce to keep communication flowing with your customers.


Don’t let your customer-facing teams waste time sending messages that will never reach their contacts.

  • Verify Lead and Contact email addresses in bulk, powered by BriteVerify.
  • Automatically log verification date and status on the record in Salesforce
  • Identify bad email addresses to purge from your CRM
  • Get a graphical read out of your verification statuses
  • Export verification results to help remove bad email addresses from other business systems
  • Schedule recurring email verifications or execute them on demand so your teams can communicate effectively via email


Rely on the best in data quality to protect your brand reputation.

  • Check email addresses for typos, syntax, valid domains, and to see if there is a human at the other end
  • Understand the state of your email program by identifying email addresses as valid, invalid, accept all, or unknown
  • Receive guidance on how each address should be treated to protect your sender reputation and maximize performance
  • Join thousands of leading brands that trust BriteVerify, the industry’s longest standing and most complete email and contact verification solution

BriteVerify Salesforce App

Verify email addresses in real-time directly in Salesforce. 

  • Verify the email address when a new Lead or Contact record is created.
  • Automatically verify the email address when email address is edited.
  • See verification results directly on the Lead and Contact record.
  • Prevent your teams from wasting time reaching out to bad email addresses.

“We use it to verify the validity of emails typed in manually by our CSRs that are often mistyped or misspelled. It saves us from getting high bounce rates and possibly blocklisted from ESPs.”

Admin, Laser Eye Institute

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

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DemandTools Features