Mass update and standardize records in Salesforce.

Manage Salesforce record changes in bulk to quickly maintain accurate and up-to-date CRM data.


Mass update your data and get customer insights with just a few clicks.

  • Skip the spreadsheet step when updating existing records. Keep the data in Salesforce and query the records to change with user-defined conditions. E.g., update Account records where Type equals customer.
  • Quickly apply mass updates across your org and keep data standardized with user-defined values, custom formulas, or by copying a value from one field and pasting it into another.
  • Get quick business insights with the ability to perform object counts and field aggregates on master-detail and lookup-related objects. E.g., count how many Contacts have a valid email address on each Account, or calculate the total closed won Opportunity amount on every Account for the past year.
  • Work with the results where you need to and either add the updated information to Salesforce or export it to a spreadsheet.
  • Easily kick off record-triggered Flows across thousands of records with the Touch Record option, which allows users to update the “LastModifiedDate” without changing a field value.
  • Keep your data standardized and report-ready by scheduling Modify scenarios to run automatically.
  • Have confidence in every process by previewing updates before publishing to Salesforce and using automatically created restore files to reverse unwanted changes.


Use a grid-based view of Salesforce records for fast, on-the-fly updates and manual data management.

  • Stop going from record to record in Salesforce to make changes. Bring records into a grid-style view for quick, one-off updates or to apply changes in bulk across a dataset.
  • Make real-time updates to Salesforce records using manually entered values or pre-configured formulas for efficient, hands-on data management.
  • Merge duplicates that don’t get picked up in other dedupe processes because of recent mergers, acquisitions, name changes, or office relocations that may cause the data not to match.
  • Use fast functions: filtering, sorting, copy and paste, and find and replace to quickly apply changes across a group of records.
  • Visualize and report on Salesforce data using pivot tables and graphs instead of creating a Salesforce report or exporting to a spreadsheet.
  • Remove junk records from your Org and delete them into the Salesforce recycle bin.
  • Update records with peace of mind, knowing changes can be reversed with the click of a button.


Maintain accurate Salesforce record ownership when teams or territories change.

  • Make simple ownership updates such as reassigning all records owned by Rep A to Rep B or assigning Leads to a queue.
  • Assign records to multiple owners based on different record criteria in one process. For example, assign all open Cases in Ohio to Alex and all open Cases in Florida to Aja.
  • Divy up records within a territory and assign ownership based on the percentage of records each rep should own. E.g., Assign Accounts in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania and give 40% of the records to Janelle, 40% to Travis, and 20% to Melanie.
  • Easily align child object ownership with parent object ownership. E.g., make all Contact owners the same as those who own the related Account.
  • Experience more flexibility than standard Salesforce assignment options, as no child object record is forced to be reassigned with the parent object.
  • Track ownership changes with a Task on each record affected by the reassignment or send a summary email detailing how many records were reassigned.
  • Save reassign scenarios for automated ownership maintenance.
  • Rely on restore files to reverse changes made in error.

“The amount of time we will save using DemandTools pays for the platform and then some.

I have done basic Salesforce admin work for years and can confidently say DemandTools has changed the game for me in the best way possible. I no longer need to work with complicated spreadsheets where one formula mistake screws up my Salesforce data that can’t easily be reversed. DemandTools allows me to quickly make real-time updates on multiple records at once, easily merge records, and allows my team members to do data work now that they don’t need to know Excel formulas. So much time has been saved! The support team helped my team learn the tool and replied quickly when I’ve had technical questions.”

Julienne Ramsey,
Director of Revenue Operations, Bigtincan Mobile Pty Ltd.

“A Salesforce Admin’s best friend. I use DemandTools nearly every day as a Salesforce Administrator to help insert new records in bulk and to mass edit records. We have done extensive rebuilding of our Org over the past year, and without the ability to update tens of thousands of records in bulk, it would have been nearly impossible.”

Raheel Alam,
Salesforce Administrator, BombBomb

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DemandTools Features

DemandTools Features