Standardization, mass modification, and business insights.

Apply record changes en masse and standardize Salesforce data to get trustworthy insights in every report.


Mass modify your data and get customer insights with just a few clicks.

  • Standardize and mass modify field data with user-defined values and out-of-the-box and custom formulas, or copy a value from one field and paste it into another
  • Track and reverse changes with auto-created restore files
  • Perform object counts and field aggregates on master-detail and lookup-related objects to get quick business insights
  • Preview changes before publishing to Salesforce
  • Add Modify scenario results to a field in Salesforce and/or export them to a spreadsheet
  • Automate Modify scenarios to keep data standardized and report-ready


Use a grid-based view for on-the-fly data management and modification.

  • Apply real-time field level changes en masse or record by record
  • Reverse changes easily while working in the grid
  • Use embedded formulas for fast data standardization
  • Merge duplicates omitted from Dedupe results directly in the grid
  • Soft delete records and purge junk data
  • Export grid data as a report


Maintain correct record ownership when employees or territory assignments change.

  • Reassign records to one user or distribute ownership by percentage across multiple users
  • Execute multiple ownership changes in one process using reassignment steps with unique assignment criteria
  • Align child object ownership with parent object ownership (e.g., make all Contact owners the same as who owns the related Account)
  • Experience more flexibility than standard Salesforce options, since no child object record is forced to be reassigned with the parent object
  • View a pie chart breakdown of total records reassigned by owner
  • Track changes with a Task on each record affected
  • Send a summary email detailing how many records were touched
  • Save reassign scenarios for automated ownership maintenance
  • Rely on restore files to reverse changes made in error

“A Salesforce Admin’s best friend. I use DemandTools nearly every day as the Salesforce Administrator to help insert new records in bulk and to mass edit records. We have done extensive rebuilding of our org over the past year, and without the ability to update tens of thousands of records in bulk, it would have been nearly impossible.”

Raheel Alam, Salesforce Administrator, BombBomb

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

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DemandTools Features

DemandTools Features