Boozt improves relationships with target mailbox providers through Sender Certification and IP address warm-up.

The Highlights:


Microsoft IPR (from 0%)


Overall IPR (from 80%)


 Open rate (from 20%)

The challenge:

Low inbox placement at major mailbox providers.

When Boozt changed its email marketing service, the company also moved from a shared IP address to a dedicated IP address. This resulted in low inbox placement rates (IPRs), with less than 80% of emails reaching customer inboxes. Inbox placement also varied dramatically depending on the mailbox provider (MBP). For example, mail sent to Microsoft inboxes (such as Outlook) had IPRs as low as zero. This was a significant problem for Boozt, as 40% of their subscribers used Microsoft email domains.

Boozt reached out to Validity to roll out a comprehensive IP warm-up program and to learn more about their Sender Certification program so they could improve their reputation and IPRs across all MBPs.

“The support we have received during this period has been invaluable. With constant guidance during our warm-up process through to getting fully Certified, [we] feel safe in the knowledge that all of our emails are reaching our customers.”

Mads Neble – Director, CRM & Online,

The solution:

Sender Certification, reduced filtering, and more messages in the inbox.

Boozt signed up for the Sender Certification program to boost their relationship with Microsoft. Sender Certification provides preferential treatment, continuous security monitoring, and exclusive data to help best-in-class senders achieve high inbox placement with major MBPs such as Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo. Certified senders are acknowledged as safe and credible, leading to reduced filtering and more messages in the inbox.

“[Validity] has helped us get our deliverability figures back on track and we are delighted with the results. The Sender Certification program has significantly increased our open rate and inbox placement rate and has given us unrivalled insight into how our program is performing. It has allowed us to identify elements of our program that were hindering our reputation and make changes without negative consequences.”

Mads Neble – Director CRM & Online,

The results:

Significant increase in revenue and almost 100% IPR.

The impact of the Sender Certification program was almost instant, with inbox placement at Microsoft increasing from 0% to 100% almost immediately. The company’s overall IPR also rose from 80% to 99%, which translated to an increase of over 1 million SEK in revenue each month. This increase resulted in more subscribers seeing their messages. The company saw an improvement in email open rates, rising from 20% to 35%.

    Boozt is a leading and rapidly growing online fashion store in the Nordic region. Formed in 2009, the e-commerce firm operates in nine European countries and offers a contemporary selection of fashion labels through its multi-brand webstore,, which boasts 5 million monthly visitors.

    Email is one of the company’s most important marketing channels. It is relied upon to maintain and improve customer loyalty and communication, making it one of Boozt’s strongest revenue streams. The company’s email program consists of personalised daily newsletters that include their latest offers, fashion inspiration, and top trends.



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