Cheerz boosts its email open rate by nearly 40% thanks to Validity’s Certification

The challenge:

Poor sender reputation and declining deliverability rates.

With send volumes of up to 5 million emails per month, depending on the time of year, Cheerz’s marketing teams needed solid expertise to ensure successful message delivery. Poor Sender Score metrics were resulting in declining deliverability rates – particularly at Microsoft – meaning weakened commercial performance for Cheerz.

A few weeks before the crucial holiday season, Cheerz turned to Validity, considering their Certification solution to be one of the most comprehensive on the market.

The solution:

Certification and an optimised sender reputation.

Validity’s compliance experts assessed Cheerz’s situation, making a set of recommendations that would lead to Certification eligibility. During this period, Cheerz’s teams already started discovering the benefits of preferential treatment for their inbox placement, exclusive data to provide quality information on deliverability, and advice on best email practices in order to improve their sending methods.

After several weeks of work, Validity’s experts certified the IP addresses used by Cheerz, allowing the brand to further improve its deliverability rate.

The support provided by Validity enabled Cheerz to join the world’s most recognized “Allow list”, and to optimize its sender reputation with many mailbox providers.

As a result, the Cheerz teams were able to approach the strategic end-of-year period more calmly and devote themselves fully to the creation of email content.

“We see Validity as a true partner and trust their email expert teams. Since the Certification is in place, the rendering of our work has been greatly optimized. Our content is the basis of our brand identity and it is therefore essential for us to share it in an optimal way.”

Romain Havel – CRM Manager, Cheerz

The results:

Deliverability rates soar to nearly 100%.

99.9% inbox placement rate – helping Cheerz ensure deliverability of their messages.

Opening rate up by almost 40% – Following a year and a half of decline, Cheerz is now seeing far more favorable KPIs. For example, the previously problematic Microsoft addresses are now showing program-leading performance.

A very low average complaint rate of 0.04% – this is a testament to the quality of subscriber engagement now being generated by more consistent message delivery.

ROI estimated at €34 for each euro spent – during the crucial end-of-year period that followed the certification of Cheerz’s email program.

Photo printing specialist Cheerz distinguishesitself by a simple concept and a dynamic universe, allowing users to print their favourite memories, either via a mobile application or website, directly from their cameras. Cheerz offers various formats of prints, ranging from classic photos and canvas prints to magnets and calendars. The company has nearly 100 employees and has a presence in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Spain.

Cheerz’s teams use email as their primary means of communication with their “Cheerzers”, leveraging dynamic content to reflect their brand identity.



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