Easy Voyage gains greater visibility into their email performance and optimises ROI

The Highlights:


sender reputation




complaint rate

The challenge:

Weak IP reputation and poor email 

Since their launch, Easy Voyage has both observed and contributed to the growing strength of email marketing. This channel enables the company to engage with their subscribers and gain new users. As a part of this development strategy, Easy Voyage acquired large volumes of email addresses from external sources, which weakened their IP reputation and reduced the deliverability of their email campaigns.

The solution:

Getting Certified and implementing email best practices.

An analysis of the performance of Easy Voyage’s IPs—in terms of Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) metrics—identified a high rate of complaints, signalling poor reputation. This was followed by an extensive deliverability audit, which is a key prerequisite to Sender Certification. This resulted in an action plan to help Easy Voyage improve their program in order to meet the performance, security, and compliance requirements of Validity’s Sender Certification program. Once Certified, senders are recognized by mailbox providers (MBPs) as being safe and reputable, resulting in improved inbox placement rates at major MBPs. After successfully making the outlined changes to their program and achieving compliance, Easy Voyage was accepted into Validity’s Sender Certification program.

Easy Voyage now monitors their email marketing campaigns closely. This includes expert analysis of all company IP addresses every month to monitor the voting behaviour of Microsoft SRD panellists, among other important reputation signals. They use this data to quickly address issues that are negatively impacting their reputation and email performance.

Easy Voyage’s marketing teams benefit in all countries where the brand is present, and they continue implementing best practices and strategies in response to the ever-changing environment of MBPs.

We have been working with [Validity] for several years on our email campaign optimisation. Their monitoring and advice have ensured we can deliver the best possible subscriber experience. We are delighted to have a responsive and proactive team we can count on who are fully capable of managing our email channel in five different countries at once.

Hervé Sevestre – Marketing Director, EasyVoyage

The results:

Better reputation, improved email deliverability, and positive SRD impact.

By working closely with the Validity team, Easy Voyage was able to implement many enhancements to their program, resulting in a stronger reputation and improved email deliverability. As part of the Sender Certification program, they gained greater visibility into their email program to more accurately monitor the performance of their main marketing channel. By continuously monitoring Microsoft SRD, they were able to substantially reduce complaints and improve their reputation. Easy Voyage has continued to achieve the high standards required to be a part of Validity’s Sender Certification program and in turn has seen greater ROI from their email marketing channel.

Easy Voyage is the leading French travel information and comparison website aimed at informing users about their travel choices. Launched in France in 2001, Easy Voyage now also operates in Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Easy Voyage combines travel-based editorial content with a comparison of offers on the market, sends a selection of the best online deals to their subscribers, and has hotels rated and scored by professional journalists and website users.

Since email is one of Easy Voyage’s preferred channels for developing business, the company needs to ensure they are maximizing performance from this channel.