Wagering entertainment group Tabcorp achieves best-in-class email performance with Everest, from Validity.

The Highlights:


AVG inbox placement rate


Revenue uplift per year


Sender score

The challenge:

Maintaining strong email deliverability in an increasingly competitive wagering industry.

Wagering entertainment group Tabcorp relied on the email channel to engage with customers and new prospects. However, the nature of the wagering industry posed unique challenges.

Tabcorp’s email program was highly seasonal and dependent on shifting sports and racing schedules. Tabcorp also faced stiff competition as the wagering industry grew more saturated.

With these challenges in mind, the Tabcorp team decided it was time to alter its email strategy.

The company decided to shift from primarily transactional emails to more enticing, image-heavy emails that fostered brand awareness and customer engagement. These revamped emails typically highlighted Tabcorp’s content, offers, competitions, and expert tips.

Along with this change in strategic direction, Tabcorp decided to invest considerable resources in updating its email templates. This included working with a third-party vendor to incorporate live content into emails.

Despite these investments, Tabcorp still lacked visibility of its email deliverability. The company didn’t always know when its emails reached subscribers’ inboxes as opposed to landing in spam or being blocked by mailbox providers.

“We had email investments in various places, but we had limited insight into deliverability,” said Kara Johnson, Senior CRM Manager at Tabcorp.

This need to improve visibility became more urgent as Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) made go-to email performance indicators like open rates less reliable.

“We wanted to get serious about making progress with our email investments and keeping up with our competitors,” said Johnson. “To do so, we needed to get serious about monitoring our email performance.”

The solution:

The Everest email deliverability platform and Sender Certification program from Validity.

After a thorough vendor selection process, the Tabcorp team implemented Everest, the leading email deliverability platform from Validity. With help from a dedicated support team, Tabcorp quickly saw value from the platform’s wide-ranging functionality.


  • Tabcorp uses Everest’s competitive intelligence functionality to gain a stronger awareness of its competitors’ sending practices and timings. This data helps Tabcorp pivot its email strategy when necessary and remain a leader in a competitive space.
  • Everest’s integrations with Microsoft SNDS and Google Postmaster tools give Tabcorp easy access to its sender reputation data in one place.
  • Tabcorp uses the Everest platform’s design testing features to ensure that its emails have no render, code, or spam issues before sending.
  • Tabcorp completed Validity’s exclusive Sender Certification program. This gives the company priority status with leading mailbox providers and spam filtering vendors worldwide.

“Having a ‘one-stop shop’ for our reputational data, along with a myriad of supporting reports, allows me to feel confident that we are managing our sends correctly and know that I can easily identify and rectify any errors that occur.”

Saeed Colley – CRM Production Manager

The results:

Sustained, best-in-class email performance and higher ROI from the email channel.

Partnering with Validity helped Tabcorp take its email program to the next level.

Since completing the Validity Sender Certification program, Tabcorp has maintained a Sender Score of 100.

Tabcorp also enjoys an average inbox placement rate of 100 percent. Microsoft, Yahoo, and Gmail clients represent 88 percent of this list and BigPond represents the remaining 12 percent.

Comparing revenue from Tabcorp’s Certified email volumes with the industry standard of $0.08 average revenue per email, the value of the Certification benefit is estimated at approximately $80,000 per year.

The partnership with Validity also gave Tabcorp confidence to navigate the changes caused by Apple’s MPP.

“The education from Validity in the leadup to MPP was incredibly valuable,” said Saeed Colley, CRM Production Manager at Tabcorp. “Validity did so well educating us on how MPP impacts us and how we can use the Everest tool to monitor any changes to our email engagement.”

As Australia’s biggest multi-channel wagering brand, Tabcorp offers a broad range of betting experiences across digital channels and retail outlets.

The company’s mission is to build a sustainable future for wagering entertainment while delivering a positive community impact. Tabcorp returns billions of dollars annually to the Australian community, the racing industry, and venue partners including news agents, hotels, clubs, and TAB agents.