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Event group Comexposium relies on Validity’s email marketing suite to optimize the delivery of its emails in the midst of a pandemic

The Highlights:


Increase in inbox placement


Inbox placement rate with Microsoft addresess


average complaint rate

The challenge:

Poor sender reputation due to lack of deliverability optimization

Previously, each event operated independently and had its own email routing. This posed serious management challenges for deliverability optimization, as well as the tracking of campaigns with very diverse targets and timing (depending on the type of event). Most email volume is concentrated in a specific period around the event, and with much lower volumes during the rest of the year, sender reputation and sending performance were weaker during these periods. Therefore, with the objective of setting up a single platform for all trade shows, Comexposium developed an internal project called Data360. In doing so, the group was moving from an individual approach to a global one, using a common IP address and domain name for all trade shows.

The health crisis in 2020/2021 also posed many additional challenges for Comexposium. The group had to inform its audience of event postponements, often in a very short period of time, meaning periods of high campaign activity. From December 2020 to January 2021, email volumes more than tripled for Microsoft addresses, potentially creating negative performance issues for Sender Score and wider reputation metrics.

Furthermore, each show was run by an individual team with very different levels of data and marketing skills. Deliverability was managed externally, meaning the internal team at Comexposium had little training or visibility on data management and email best practices.

“Validity is a true partner for us, being one of those with whom we have the best support in terms of quality, response time, and level of expertise.”

Alice Badrouillet – Head of Marketing Automation, Comexposium Group

The solution:

Certification and expert guidance

In the third quarter of 2019, Comexposium turned to Validity to optimize its campaigns. With an initial project focused on three pilot shows representative of the 60 annual events organized in France, Validity’s experts worked with the Comexposium team to launch the warming of a new IP address, to which a second IP address would be added later to support the increased volume.

Comexposium took advantage of Validity’s analysis and monitoring expertise to train its teams and obtain Certification in November 2020. This placed them on the most complete safelist on the market, improving the deliverability of their emails to major mailbox providers (MBPs) like Microsoft, Yahoo, Orange, and Vade Secure.

The Validity interface also allows them to follow campaigns in a very granular way, identifying the origin of potential problems at the source and providing visibility and understanding of potential reasons for falls in open rates. The Certification tab provides detailed performance tracking for participating MBPs (Microsoft and Yahoo, among others) while complementing the more global elements mentioned above. This new data gives Comexposium’s team the ability to address various issues and effectively adapt their strategy.

Comexposium made the seamless migration to Everest, Validity’s newest email success platform, in July 2021. With Everest, Comexposium receives additional visibility into their email deliverability and Certification results while still having access to their historical campaign data. They also use the Everest integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to autoseed their campaigns and view consolidated performance results in a single platform.

Validity’s support has also made it possible to raise awareness around the problems with data management, the challenges of deliverability, and the impact bad practices of one trade show can have on all the other events.

“Deliverability was a very technical subject for us. The Validity experts allowed us to popularize it and make it an internal competence in its own right.”

Alice Badrouillet – Head of Marketing Automation, Comexposium Group

The results:

Highly improved deliverability across major mailbox providers.

Since obtaining Certification, Comexposium has seen a real improvement in their deliverability performance, which they can now follow using the Validity interface. These deliverability measurement tools tell a clear story – since Certification, Comexposium has experienced 100% inbox placement rates (IPRs) with Microsoft addresses (up from 62% in 2019). These addresses are particularly important for Comexposium, as their professional events gather lots of Outlook emails during registration. While rapid increases in volume like this will often lead to corresponding increases in complaint activity, Certification and the support of Validity’s experts meant Comexposium was able to maintain complaint rates at levels consistent with their 0.4% long-term average – an outstanding achievement.

Figures are also very satisfying with other MBPs. Yahoo IPRs increased from 77% to 95% over the same period, while Gmail IPRs increased from 82% to 99%. This also showcases the work done by Validity’s experts. They helped Comexposium to implement new best practices to improve their email performance since the beginning of the collaboration in 2019, and have continued to do so since Certification was obtained in November 2020.

Despite the long period of inactivity, mailings of the deferred emails – some to large bases – went very well, while Comexposium’s previous process would have led to heavy temporary blocking. Despite the pandemic delaying the initial IP warmup, Comexposium has already been able to integrate the three pilot shows onto the new platform, and all 60 annual French shows are set to follow.

With the Everest integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Comexposium can continue to autoseed their campaigns to receive detailed inbox placement results without the added time and burden associated with manual seeding. By combining the campaign data they receive from Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Everest’s deliverability metrics, they can easily correlate events and identify problem areas.

The group is currently focusing on training its teams and becoming familiar with the tool, and with the help of AI, they would like to be able to go further in personalization.

Comexposium is a world leader in the organization of professional and consumer events. The group has organized more than 135 B2B/B2B2C events worldwide and covers many industries, including agriculture, construction, fashion, retail, health, leisure, real estate, agri-food, security, education, tourism, and business committees. Present in over 30 countries, Comexposium welcomes more than 3.5 million visitors and 48,000 exhibitors annually. Comexposium is headquartered in France and has a commercial network and employees in 20 countries.

With email volumes ranging from 1 to 2 million per month, Comexposium is also part of an industry that was heavily affected by the global health crisis in 2020/2021. This led to several events being postponed, and the group had to find other angles of communication to maintain the relationships they had with their customers.