lm group Improves Email Deliverability with Validity’s Certification

The challenge:

Negative impact on deliverability due to COVID-19.

lm boasts 43 million global users spread across 40 countries who speak 17 different languages. Email plays a vital role in communicating with this audience as they search for inspiration when booking their travel and leisure experiences.

At the beginning of 2020, lm group started migrating its email programs to a new sending platform and was just starting to ramp up volumes when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. As many other companies in the travel industry have experienced, this caused instability within lm group’s reputation metrics and decreased its Sender Score proportionally whenever volumes were sent that were higher than usual. As a result, lm group’s email deliverability was significantly impacted.

It was vital for lm group to reverse this trend, especially as very little lead generation was taking place, putting a premium on maximising inbox placement to existing subscribers.

The solution:

Certification and enhanced global relations.

lm group activated Certification for all its email programs at the beginning of July 2020. As many of these programs are EU-focused, the objective was to leverage benefits with over 20 EU-specific mailbox providers and filtering vendors, in addition to Validity’s global relationships with Microsoft and Verizon Media.

This chart provides evidence of how lm group’s reputational volatility lessened as the Certification benefits started to display a positive impact on the performance of its email programs.

“The impact on traffic and revenue is undoubtable. When the Certification came into effect, the improvement was detected overnight.”

Gloria Mollari – CRM Performance, lm group

The results:

Improved sender reputation and increased deliverability.

The challenge of running a global email program covering multiple brands, countries, and languages is significant, even without being compounded by some of the toughest trading conditions in recent history. By implementing Validity’s Certification program, lm group has been able to stay the course and achieve its aggressive 2020 goals.

Since engaging with Validity and activating Certification, lm group has experienced the following:

  • Average Sender Score across all IP addresses of 99;
  • Average inbox placement rate for all domains of 97.2%; and
  • Average inbox placement rate for Microsoft/Verizon Media (Yahoo!/AOL) of 99.9%.

In the French market, the Bravofly brand had been suffering from particularly problematic deliverability, especially with Microsoft. With Validity’s Certification, it found success.

The following chart illustrates the impact on Bravofly’s open rates at the point when Certification was activated:

With the addition of Certification, Bravofly has:

  • An average increase in open rates of 20%;
  • An average increase in website sessions of 10%; and
  • Microsoft SNDS scores all green (indicating a top sender, with very low complaint rates).

lm group is a publicly-traded multinational Group, among the worldwide leaders in the online travel in industry. We leverage technology and a portfolio of well-known brands, such as lastminute.com, Bravofly, Rumbo, Volagratis and Jetcost, to provide our customers with an extensive offering of flights, hotels, holidays, cruises, and other travel-related services. and leisure experiences.