Edmentum uses DemandTools to merge 1.5 million duplicates and migrate data across systems.

The challenge:

Duplicate and unstandardized records risk compromising data quality.

Edmentum’s revenue operations and executive leadership team rely on their data. They need to be able to trust that their millions of student and educator records are clean and ready to use the moment they’re needed. This data is integral to supporting lasting relationships and having a positive impact on education.  

 Like many other organizations, Edmentum uses data scattered across multiple systems to manage their relationships. Student and teacher information lives in Salesforce, but vendor management is handled in a separate database. It’s difficult to see where their vendor relations intersect with their educator and student relations. 

 To solve this problem and consolidate their systems, Edmentum decided to move vendor relations data into Salesforce. This meant transferring all historical vendor data, preserving legacy system record relationships, and recreating their vendor management database in Salesforce.  

 The reality of this project was daunting. Data migration is challenging enough on its own, but nothing makes it harder and more prone to error than when the database ingesting the data is full of duplicate and unstandardized records. Even with three top-notch Salesforce administrators, the tasks of deduping and standardizing millions of records, migrating data, and executing daily data maintenance were more than native CRM tools, spreadsheet manipulation, v-lookups, and manual intervention could handle. 

 Since this growing database was crucial to steering their business strategy, Edmentum needed to move  through these data processes quickly without sacrificing data quality or accuracy. 

The solution:

Quick and accurate data management with DemandTools.

Edmentum made a strategic investment in their data and the team managing it. For all the actions to be taken on their data—deduplication, standardization, importing, comparing external data against Salesforce records, and maintaining record relationships while migrating data—they brought on DemandTools by Validity. By augmenting their admins’ Salesforce and data knowledge with the right data tools, Edmentum’s team could execute complicated processes quickly and accurately and take on more data projects, completing them in less time.

“It’s powerful enough to handle Edmentum’s data quality needs, but it’s very user-friendly at the same time. I don’t know how I could have done all of that without DemandTools. It would have been a data nightmare.”

Leyna Hoffer – CRM Success Manager, Salesforce Hall of Famer and 9x MVP; DemandTools user since 2004

The results:

Successful data migration and clean, reliable data.

The data migration project and clean-up efforts were a major winUsing DemandToolsthe Edmentum Salesforce admins merged 1.5 million duplicate contact records, retaining the exact field values they needed without manual manipulation. The team cleanly transferred thousands of records across systems and  now perform daily maintenance of their Salesforce data. They have saved days of work and are no longer waiting on information required to make data-drivedecisions. For Edmentum, the return on investment came from how quickly DemandTools had a positive impact on their data. 

“It just saves so much time. I mean, days’ worth of work is wiped off my plate using DemandTools. I won’t… I can’t do my job without it.”

Leyna Hoffer – CRM Success Manager, Salesforce Hall of Famer and 9x MVP; DemandTools user since 2004

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