Decades in the Making, How we Ended up with Data Chaos…and How to Fix it!

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Presented on the DataVersity Data-Ed Online Webinar

For over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of orgs have used Salesforce CRM to manage their Customer & Prospect data.

While features, functions and workflows have evolved significantly in that time, one core problem has remained a constant challenge for Salesforce teams: chaotic, messy, and unruly data.

WATCH ON-DEMAND for a 10-minute overview of the history of Salesforce Data Quality Challenges, and learn what other orgs like yours are doing to remediate data chaos and provide their teams with clean, accurate, trustworthy data.

You will learn:

  • How Salesforce CRM has evolved over the past two decades
  • The top Data Quality Challenges facing Salesforce teams today
  • The 3 key variables to a successful data quality program, and what you can do today to get started