Email is NOT Dead: 3 Ways to Juice Your Email Marketing Program for Q4 and Beyond

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Presented at the MarketingProfs B2B Fall Forum

Despite what you may have heard or assumed, email as a B2B marketing channel is NOT dead. On the contrary, many of us have relied on email more than ever over the past 18 months to communicate with customers and grow our businesses.

With email volumes 94% higher than this time last year, now’s the time for innovation and investment in your email program and campaign strategies to cut through the noise and convert your audience into loyal, paying customers.

WATCH ON-DEMAND for 3 key lessons B2B marketers can learn from B2C brands on the cutting edge of email innovation, including:

  • How to accurately measure & diagnose email performance
  • The differences between “tokenization” and true “personalization”, and how to most effectively leverage intent data to create personalized email messages
  • Best practices for standing out in a crowded inbox and building brand recognition & trust with your audience