Validity at Inbox Expo 2021

Inbox Expo’s Spring Edition from emailexpert is an email industry conference & expo bringing together email marketers, email designers, email engineers, antispam & business leaders to discuss the future of email from across the world. Featuring Validity as a Gold sponsor.

Validity is bringing you a great line up!

  • Philips Email: Global Visibility for a Global Program with Guy Hanson and Philips guest Charlie Wijen
  • LGPD and Email Marketing – all you need to know with Rafael Viana
  • Fundamentals of Deliverability 101 with Priyanka Roy, Sandra Schubert, and Guy Hanson
  • Newsletter signup forms, pop-ups… Learn how you can improve your registration rate with Loic Peron
  • APAC Industry Leaders: Email Communications Strategy, Looking forward to 2022 with Nhan Tran alongside industry experts
  • The Peculiar Challenges of APAC Deliverability with Tunc Bolluk, Sri Chandran, and dotdigital guest Toshi Onishi
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