The 5 Most Valuable Customer & Prospect Data Points You Can Collect to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience and Drive New-Business Growth in 2022

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Presented on the MarketingProfs Friday Forum Webinar

Evolving data protection regulations and new privacy measures like Apple’s MPP means the task for marketers of generating – and measuring – customer engagement is only getting harder!

With increasing tension between consumers (who are protective of their personal data) and marketers (who need it to deliver relevant, personalized messaging), what should you be collecting to maximize value for your business and your customers?

WATCH ON-DEMAND to hear from Guy Hanson, Vice President of Customer Engagement at Validity, as he identifies the 5 most valuable customer data points, and how to use them.

You will learn:

  • The context and impact of new regulations and measures like MPP on email marketers.
  • The increased importance of the customer preference center.
  • Pros and cons of different data points, and which are most valuable.
  • Data’s role as the key driver of AI, and how to maximize accuracy and effectiveness.