Validity: Establishing Competitive Advantage for MeritB2B By Creating a High-Performing Email Channel

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Presented at Forrester-SiriusDecisions B2B Summit North America

In the ever-changing world of B2B Email Marketing, how are modern brands capitalizing on emerging technologies and new tactics to set themselves apart from the competition?

Hear how MeritB2B, leading provider of B2B data and performance marketing solutions, has partnered with Validity to build a cutting-edge email program that leverages clean, compliant data and best-in-class email analytics tools to rise to the top of their customers’ and prospects’ inboxes and maximize engagement.

In this session, Guy Hanson (VP, Customer Engagement at Validity), Karie Burt (SVP/Chief Privacy Officer at MeritB2B) and Courtney Cope (Director, Data Operations at MeritB2B) share their experiences with:

  • Diagnosing, correcting (and reversing!) declines in email program performance
  • Addressing the “knowledge and infrastructure” gaps that hold so many B2B marketing teams back
  • Establishing a data quality management process that not only protects their brand, but actually opens the door to net-new, competitive wins in a world where email is a fundamental piece of the “multi-touch”, omnichannel digital customer experience.