Data Productivity: Unlocking Sales Success with GridBuddy Connect by Validity

Nobody in Sales signed up to be a data entry clerk. Yet, today’s SDRs and Sales Executives spend more time updating their deals in the CRM than they do actually selling.

Why is this? And how can you establish the right CRM workflows to make your sellers more effective AND efficient?

Watch this on-demand virtual event for an exclusive, first look at how the new GridBuddy Connect by Validity can save your team precious selling time and achieve “Data Productivity”.

You will learn:

  • What “Data Productivity” means, and why it’s the key to unlocking your sales team’s success
  • How to energize your sales team, identify and remove productivity barriers, and empower them to close more deals while spending less time on morale-killing data entry
  • How to coach your team more efficiently by ensuring your CRM reporting process is streamlined and complete
  • How to simplify data workflows to quickly access and update information across multiple CRM objects, instances, and data sources, all in one convenient view



BriteVerify email verification ensures that an email address actually exists in real-time


The #1 global data quality tool used by thousands of Salesforce admins


Insights and deliverability guidance from the only all-in-one email marketing solution

GridBuddy Cloud

Transform how you interact with your data through the versatility of grids.

Return Path

World-class deliverability applications to optimize email marketing programs

Trust Assessments

A revolutionary new solution for assessing Salesforce data quality


Validity for Email

Increase inbox placement and maximize subscriber reach with clean and actionable data

Validity for Data Management

Simplify data management with solutions that improve data quality and increase CRM adoption

Validity for Sales Productivity

Give your sales team back hours per day with tools designed to increase productivity and mitigate pipeline risks in real-time

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