Webinar: Celebrating a Double Decade of DemandTools

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It's time to celebrate! Learn 3 steps you can take to manage your data in minutes, not months, and provide your organization with the report-ready, trustworthy CRM data it needs to succeed in a changing world.

After 20 years of automating over 80 million data quality jobs, DemandTools has helped thousands of CRM admins and RevOps teams get their CRM data report-ready.

And, along the way, we’ve all learned a lot about how better data helps you market, sell, and support more effectively.

WATCH ON-DEMAND for three tactical steps you can take today to manage your data in minutes, not months, and create a self-healing CRM system. You’ll also learn about the 20+ year history of Salesforce, how data quality challenges have evolved, and the inspiration and methodology behind the DemandTools “V” Release to address these challenges and more!

Learn how to:

  • Understand the current state of your data quality
  • Solve the most pressing problems in your data, like deduplication
  • Make your data more trustworthy, by taking steps to standardize fields

P.S. For a copy of the presentation deck, please click here!