Strength in Validity

As governments at all levels scramble to implement measures to protect the public from the COVID-19 pandemic, CEOs and business leaders are moving aggressively to ensure the safety of the workforce and minimize business disruption.

At Validity, we are taking active measures to ensure that all of our team members are both safe and productive while they work from home or secure office locations. We are also comforted that our systems, all of which are cloud-based, should suffer no negative effects due to the pandemic, though we have increased our monitoring to ensure the continuation of our uninterrupted 24/7 operations.

Meanwhile, at Validity, we are fortunate to be facing these challenges from a position of strength. Our operating history spans over two decades and we’re bullish about our market position and our ability to continue growing for many reasons. In particular, we appreciate the continued confidence our customers and partners have in Validity, many of whom take note of:

  • Strong cash flow – We are highly profitable and incredibly disciplined with our expenses, and we have cash reserves to see us through. We’ve never pursued growth at the expense of balanced profit.
  • Experienced investors and leadership – We are backed by leading private equity investors with over $10 Billion of investable assets positioned to continue to support Validity’s growth. Our backers – and our executive leadership team – have deep experience weathering prior storms, including 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2008.
  • Hyper growth – We have seen enormous growth in welcoming new customers into the Validity family. Last year alone, over 1,500 new companies joined the Validity family and we will more than double that number in 2020. Each of these companies is enjoying great benefits with our Validity for Email, Validity for Data Management and Validity for Sales Productivity solutions.
  • Diverse workforce – With over 500 team members spanning the globe, the Validity team is exceptionally well positioned to continue supporting our customers. In addition to several online collaboration platforms like Office 365, Zoom, Slack, and many others, we have offices around the globe – Boston, Tampa, Denver, Paris, London, Sao Paulo, Indianapolis, and Sydney – and we have strong, decades-long institutional and cultural knowledge of ensuring ongoing global support of each of our customers across the world.

For decades, we have worked hard at Validity to make sure we have always had your back, and this has resulted in the fortunate, strong position Validity is in today – better positioned than ever to weather challenges like those brought upon us all by the COVID-19 situation. We continue to offer our advantages to all of you – our customers and partners – to make sure you have our help during these stressful times. In other words, we’re not going anywhere. We remain the safe bet, and we will always have your back.


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