Design and Content

Deliver the best possible experience for your recipients by ensuring your messages look good and function properly on all the devices they use to open.

Optimize your content to improve engagement.

Your recipients expect a flawless experience, regardless of what device they use to open an email. Everest allows you to test your emails to ensure you’re delivering the best possible experience and enticing your recipients to engage. Instantly preview your content across all major devices and 70+ email applications to guarantee your messages function and render properly. Your renders are weighted based on your existing engagement data, so you can focus on the mail clients your recipients use most. Everest will identify issues with your content, including long load times, broken images, missing alt text, and invalid links, so you can identify issues before your recipients do. Everest will also check your HTML and provide recommendations for improvement. Feel confident in your email content each time you hit send.

Preview your subject lines to make a great first impression.

A strong subject line and pre-header will grab readers’ attention and give them more incentive to open and engage with your email. With Everest, you can test and preview your subject line and pre-header text across nearly 20 email clients, including major versions of iPhone, Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, and others. Understand what your recipients will see when your message appears in their inbox and optimize as needed before your campaign is sent. Everest also provides Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) configuration to simplify the setup process, host your logo, and preview your message in a BIMI-enabled inbox. Make a great first impression in the inbox to entice recipients to open your content.

“Validity’s design center tests rendering on all sorts of different devices and operating systems, to make sure the design renders properly, and checks it for things like invalid links and load times, improving readability”

-Email Manager, Leading Travel Comparison Website

Resolve deliverability issues to reach more recipients.

Test your email content to identify potential delivery issues before you hit send so you can ensure your message is reaching your audience. With Everest, you can test your email content before you mail it, gaining insights into your inbox and spam placement with different mailbox providers and spam filtering companies. Everest will also run authentication checks to show active blocklistings and whether your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC passed or failed. With these pre-send checks, you can identify and resolve any major issues that may jeopardize your deliverability before sending your campaign.

Collaborate seamlessly for alignment across stakeholders.

Everest allows for easy collaboration within the Design and Content UI. When viewing a design render, you can easily flag issues, comment with your ideas, and assign tasks to keep your team on the same page. Quickly share links to content previews with internal and external stakeholders so everyone can view, provide comments, and stay aligned on the email content being sent.

Improve engagement by delivering the best experience to your recipients.

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