Inbox Placement Insights

Get comprehensive insights into your inbox placement rates to accurately measure performance, fix issues, and keep your emails out of the spam folder so you can get more messages to more people.

Accurately measure campaign performance to get more messages to the inbox.

Your email service provider (ESP) will provide insights into whether your email was delivered, but they can’t tell you if your message went to the inbox, the spam folder, or went missing. With Everest, you’ll gain visibility into this critical metric so you can accurately measure email performance, identify problem areas, and resolve issues that prevent you from reaching your audience. With the largest global seed list in the industry, consisting of thousands of seeds covering 140 internet service providers across the globe, Everest provides reliable inbox placement metrics and gives you a true analysis of your email performance.

Maximize deliverability by focusing on the mailbox providers that matter most to your campaigns.

Your inbox placement results are weighted based on the composition of your email lists. Because of this, your placement analysis accurately reflects the audience you’re sending to. This allows you to quickly diagnose and prioritize problem areas that have the greatest impact on your email performance. These personalized results drive confident and strategic decisions to improve your email deliverability and reach more people.

“While we knew the email program was engaging, poor inbox placement meant less than half of the subscriber base was receiving emails to their inboxes, which was having a massive impact on overall program effectiveness.”

Adam Purslow – CEO

Benchmark your performance against other senders.

Compare your placement metrics to other senders to see where you are under- or overperforming . Understand if poor or decreasing placement metrics at a mailbox provider are specifically related to your program, or if they are impacting all senders. Drill down into individual mailbox providers for more granular comparisons and to understand trends over time. This helps you diagnose the cause of placement issues to get them resolved quickly.

Get critical insights to improve deliverability and keep your messages out of the spam folder.

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