List Validation

Verify the addresses on your lists aren’t dead, wrong, or dangerous before you mail to them so you can protect your sender reputation and get more messages to more people.

Protect your sender reputation to reach more people.

Bad email addresses in your database hurt your sender reputation and prevent you from reaching valid recipients. With Everest, you can validate the email addresses on your list before you hit send, reducing your bounce rate and enabling you to reach more people. Everest uses BriteVerify, the industry’s longest standing and most complete email and contact verification solution. Addresses are identified as valid, invalid, or risky, with guidance on how to proceed with each type of address, so you can remove problematic addresses before they hurt your reputation.

Eliminate wasteful marketing spend.

Every time you mail to a bad email address, you’re wasting valuable marketing dollars. With Everest, you can remove these fake or stale email addresses and keep your database actionable to ensure your time and money are being spent on actual customers and opportunities. Everest validation is accurate, fast, and secure, with flexible options to fit your needs. You can upload or paste a list of email addresses via the Everest user interface for a quick one-time validation before you send a campaign. You can also use our APIs for bulk upload purposes, as well as to verify the addresses in your database all at once to keep your CRM data fresh as addresses change over time.

“We needed to run a huge email validation exercise (several million addresses) and were going to use a 3rd-party business, at significant cost. Our new Everest package meant we could do this internally for no additional charge, suppressing a large tranche of high-risk invalid addresses. It’s so vital to be able to trust your data – imagine the terrible impact of sending hundreds of thousands of invalids on our sender reputation, that we’ve worked so hard to build!”
Sarah Hawkes, Senior Manager, Loyalty
The Rank Group

Prevent bad data from entering your database.

A misspelled or fake email address that enters your database is a missed opportunity. With Everest, you can verify email addresses at the point of capture before they enter your system. Use a single-address endpoint to validate the information being entered into your web forms while flagging invalid data with a suggested correction for typo addresses. By doing so, you can ensure your sales and marketing teams focus their time on real opportunities, instead of fake or nonexistent email addresses. Flagging invalid addresses at the source will also prevent reputation issues down the road and help ensure a successful email program.

I’m ready to stop wasting marketing dollars on invalid email addresses.

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Everest Features

Everest Features