Reputation Monitoring

Keep a close eye on the signals that affect your sender reputation and quickly address problem areas so you can get more messages to more people

Maintain a strong sender reputation to reach more people.

Your sender reputation is how mailbox providers measure the trustworthiness of your emails, influencing the likelihood that your mail is delivered and placed in the inbox. With Everest, you have the tools you need to stay on top of your sender reputation and ensure your mail is reaching your audience. Everest gives you access to an unparalleled data network and exclusive partnerships to keep a close eye on the many signals affecting your sender reputation. Our data network covers over 2.5 billion mailboxes and analyzes over 3 trillion data points a year to give you the most accurate view of your reputation. With Everest, you can monitor any number of IPs, domains, and subdomains. This makes it possible for programs of all sizes to maintain a strong reputation so they can get more messages to more people.

Avoid spam traps that damage your reputation.

Visibility into your spam trap volume is critical to identify problem areas and maintain a strong reputation. Everest offers the largest publicly available trap network with 50 million hits per day, giving you a comprehensive look at your spam trap volume and how it actively impacts your reputation. Identify the age and types of traps you are hitting (pristine, recycled, or typo) and view trends over time so you can diagnose and resolve issues that are damaging your reputation and preventing you from reaching your recipients.

“[Validity] has helped us get our deliverability figures back on track and we are delighted with the results. It has allowed us to identify elements of our program that were hindering our reputation and make changes without negative consequences.”

Mads Neble – Director CRM & Online

React quickly to blocklistings to prevent serious damage.

If your IP or domain has been put on a blocklist, it can severely damage your campaign performance. With hundreds of blocklists out there, Everest helps you stay on top of listings, analyze the impact, and understand how to resolve the underlying issue. Everest proactively monitors over 40 top blocklist operators and alerts you in real time when a listing occurs, allowing you to focus on the listings that have the greatest impact on your program, and reduce noise from those that don’t. React quickly to listings to understand the root cause, request removal, and resolve the underlying problem so you can avoid listings going forward and ensure your messages reach your recipients.

Save time by monitoring a single interface.

Everest gives you the most complete view of your sender reputation by combining key data sources from all the major players in the industry, including Signal Spam, Microsoft SNDS, and Google Postmaster Tools, into one interface. Monitor your complaint data using Everest’s integrations with mailbox provider feedback loops and Validity’s own Universal Feedback Loop service. You’ll also get a detailed view of your Sender Score trends so you can identify what sending practices are positively or negatively impacting your reputation. With all these signals in a single platform, Everest gives you the visibility and guidance you need to maintain a strong sender reputation so you can get more messages to more people.

Stay on top of your sender reputation to get more messages to more people.

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