Sender Certification

An exclusive program helping best-in-class senders drive more ROI from their email programs by reaching more people.

Reach more people by preserving high inbox placement rates.

Getting to the inbox has become significantly more challenging due to increased email volumes and tighter filtering algorithms. Even the best email marketing teams may see a decline in deliverability as more emails are placed in the spam folder. As a Certified sender, leading mailbox providers and spam filtering companies across the globe recognize you as a strong and reputable sender. They use Certification as a positive signal when making filtering decisions, leading to more messages in the inbox and less mail being blocked, filtered, or throttled. Sender Certification rewards sophisticated senders by helping them reach and engage more people with every campaign they send, leading to higher ROI.

“Sender Certification provides a measurable lift when it comes to inbox placement rates, but also provides an invaluable data set at various mailbox providers, such as Yahoo and, that helps guide our deliverability strategy.”

Ryan Boyd, Director of Messaging & Reliability

React quickly to issues and keep your program safe and secure.

There are a lot of signals to monitor to ensure your email program is safe and performing as expected. With Sender Certification, you have access to a dedicated, on-call security and compliance team who monitors your program. Your dedicated team will provide security alerts and work with you through the resolution of any compromises. You’ll also receive a daily performance report so you can easily keep an eye on your overall program and key performance metrics. Get alerted of any changes to key metrics that put your program at risk of losing its Certified status so you can quickly resolve these issues before they impact your performance. With real-time alerting and monitoring, you can feel confident in the ongoing health of your program and be notified if something requires your attention.

“Since becoming Certified, we have seen a massive improvement in our email program. Open rates for marketing campaigns have almost doubled and so have click-through rates. Attributable revenue from email has increased by 10%.”

Joshna Patel – Head of Online
Red Letter Days

Optimize your program through more informed decisions.

Without insight into your true email performance metrics, it is easy to make uninformed decisions about your email strategy. As a Certified sender, you get access to exclusive data directly from mailbox providers and filtering companies providing valuable insights into reputation, complaints, spam trap hits, and more. Use this data to better understand your email performance, see trends over time, and identify problematic campaigns or sending practices. With greater visibility, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions to optimize your email program.

Emarsys Senders Experience Improvement Using Sender Certification

An analysis of 20 Certified email programs shows the average increase in program revenue from Sender Certification is $34,125 per 1M emails sent.

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Attain exclusive benefits for being a reputable sender and drive more ROI from your email marketing.

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