Monitor your email authentication protocols to protect your reputation so you can get more messages to more people.

Track the health of your email authentication to protect your brand and customers.

Email authentication is critical to protect your brand and customers from direct-domain threats, including phishing and spoofing. Staying on top of your authentication standards across sending domains to diagnose issues is a time-consuming task. Everest proactively monitors the health of your sending infrastructure by tracking SPF, DKIM, DMARC results to ensure your emails are secure. Everest makes it easy to view your authentication status for each send. It provides you with the insights you need to know your protocols are working correctly, and to quickly identify issues that could lead to damaging attacks if unaddressed.

Automate DMARC reporting to quickly identify and respond to issues that could cause significant damage.

Your DMARC policy instructs mailbox providers on what to do if your email authentication (SPF and DKIM) fails. This is an important part of preventing abuse from unauthorized senders. Everest provides the guidance you need to launch and manage your DMARC policies across multiple brands or departments. Once in place, Everest automates your DMARC report collection into an easy-to-use interface, so your efforts can be focused on policy enforcement and correcting authentication issues. Your DMARC reporting includes valuable data about issues with your various email streams to help identify unauthorized abuse of your domain and brand.

Feel confident in the health of your infrastructure while focusing your time elsewhere.

Everest makes it easy for you to pinpoint problematic mail streams, both internal and external, to curtail sending practices that could damage your reputation at major providers. Easily filter your mail sources by industry, type of organization, geolocation, and other categories to understand where you are failing authentication protocols. Quickly find out which percentage of your mail is compliant, non-compliant, or unauthenticated to see if there are issues with your authentication configuration, or to see if an unauthorized sender is using your domain to send spam. Configure alerts to be notified when your compliance deviates, so you can focus your time elsewhere while feeling confident in the health of your email infrastructure.

Ensure the health of your email authentication to protect your reputation and reach more people.

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