Competitive Intelligence

Get visibility into your competitors’ sending practices so you can modify your campaigns to stand out from other senders and engage more recipients

Track competitors’ sending patterns to differentiate your program

With inboxes more congested than ever, recipients are more selective with the content they choose to interact with. To get your recipients to open and engage with your email, you must find ways to stand out from your competitors. Everest gives you visibility into what your competitors are doing so you can adjust your campaigns to stand out. Track your competitors’ sending volume and message patterns to determine their highest and lowest performing days and popular times to send. Get insights into what domains and subdomains your competitors are using to send different types of email campaigns and filter their sending patterns for each one. With send time visibility, you can ensure your messages stand out from other senders and engage more people.

Gain insights into competitor subject lines to stand out in the inbox.

To attract your recipients’ attention in the inbox, your subject line needs to make a great first impression and stand out from other messages. Everest gives you visibility into the subject lines your competitors are using. Find out if their subject lines contain emojis, use capitalization, or pose questions. Plus, see the percent of total messages being sent with each subject line. These insights will help you plan and optimize your campaigns to ensure you stand out from other messages in the inbox, make a great first impression, and entice your recipients to engage with your email.

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“Validity has made us realize that insight and awareness are key when implementing email campaigns – particularly on such a global scale.”
Charlie Wijen – Digital and CRM Specialist

Identify challenge areas for other senders and benchmark your program against the broader market.

Everest gives you insights into your competition’s list hygiene practices. You’ll get valuable information about the volume of spam traps your competitors are hitting with a breakout of pristine, recycled, and typo traps and subject line granularity. Use these insights to spot issues in their list acquisition and management practices that may be damaging their reputation. You can also view your competitors’ authentication records and full blocklist history. Everest gives you the competitive intelligence you need to compare your program to the broader market and make actionable decisions to stand out from your competitors.

Differentiate yourself in the inbox with valuable insights into your competitors’ programs

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Everest Features

Everest Features