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Return Path from Validity

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Important Update from Return Path

Return Path was acquired by Validity in 2019, but the platform is no longer available for sale. Instead, Return Path has joined 250ok and BriteVerify as part of Validity, bringing together decades of email marketing leadership. We’ve combined our expertise and learnings from thousands of customers to create Everest – a more powerful email success platform.

Everest builds upon the cutting-edge technology and functionality of the Return Path Platform, offering broader data coverage from expanded partnerships, access to features never seen in the Return Path Platform, and advanced capabilities to help you succeed in the ever-changing email marketing landscape.

See how Everest provides crucial insights and deliverability guidance to help you get more messages to more people, stand out in a crowded inbox, and execute better campaigns faster.

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“Every new or established brand should be using Everest. It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to say in your emails—if they’re not reaching the inbox, no one is listening or reading. Everest gives you the insight you need to understand your inbox placement, reputation and so much more.”

Mark Anderson, Senior Salesforce Automation Manager

See why marketers choose Everest to boost email performance and improve the efficiency of their program.

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