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Achieve world-class deliverability with unique solutions to optimize your email marketing program and drive results for increased revenue.

Return Path from Validity

Achieve world-class deliverability with unique solutions to optimize your email marketing program and drive results for increased revenue.

Connecting with subscribers starts with getting to the inbox

1 out of every 5 commercial emails never reaches the inbox.

So where do they go? Some emails get blocked by mailbox providers. Some emails get sent to the junk or spam folder. Getting emails delivered to the inbox involves more than just hitting send.

With Return Path, you get the critical email insight you’re missing


Inbox placement and reputation are critical to the success or failure of your email marketing program and your email return on investment. We help email marketers maximize their subscriber reach by providing the data and insights you need to ensure emails get to the inbox.

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Information overload is a fact of life, and nowhere is this more evident than in the inbox. Email marketers face a serious challenge in trying to catch (and hold) a customer’s attention. We help you drive engagement and get noticed by ensuring your message is the right message that is most relevant to your customers.

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Managed Services

Our team knows email and is comprised of the brightest minds in email marketing. We offer a variety of support and service options to guide you from your most basic needs up to in-depth, strategic consultations.

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What Customers Think of Return Path

Don’t just take our word for it, Return Path is a top-rated tool on G2 Crowd!

“Return Path solutions give us peace of mind that our messages are reaching the inbox, which allows us to focus our efforts on creating compelling and successful campaigns. Instead of monitoring each and every campaign, Return Path Platform does that for us and alerts us if a particular segment is blocked at a mailbox provider. If that happens, we can immediately isolate the issue and resolve it, improving our overall campaign performance.”

Lee Brine, Senior Director, CRM at Vimeo

Did you know…

Return Path Certified senders see placement rates that are 32.5 percentage points higher than non-certified senders.

Email marketers with higher average email open rates are 29% more likely to use inbox placement monitoring technology.

Marketers using email preview technology are 25% more likely to have higher open rates.

Reaching the inbox doesn’t have to be a challenge.

With Return Path from Validity, we help ensure your delivered messages are actually delivered to the inbox, not the spam folder, increasing customer engagement and email program ROI.



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