Take advantage of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

Everest allows you to measure true email engagement, beyond open rates, to evaluate your email campaign’s success and make data-informed decisions.

Unlock a broader view of engagement to measure campaign success.

The introduction of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) brings many changes to how marketers measure and analyze email campaign performance. Open rates are no longer a reliable metric to measure engagement for your Apple Mail subscribers, an estimated 40% of total email users, so it’s critical to take a broader view of engagement and consider other valuable insights that can be used to inform your decision making.

These key insights include:

  • Inbox placement rates
  • Sender reputation signals
  • Deeper funnel metrics

Everest provides crucial visibility of your inbox placement rates and sender reputation signals that your email service provider can’t provide. Since mailbox providers (MBPs), consider subscriber engagement (whether positive or negative) when making spam filtering decisions, these metrics can gauge increased or reduced open activity and are critical to evaluating campaign success. This data combined with metrics deeper down in the conversion funnel, that provide stronger indications of subscriber interest such as clicks, website visits, and conversions will give you a complete view of your campaign performance without needing to rely on open rates.

With the uncertainty around the implications to email marketers due to the new Privacy Policy contained in iOS15 version of the Apple Mail app it was great to see how quickly the Validity team updated the Everest UI to provide Platform Distribution and Apple Privacy Proxy views to enable us marketers to have relevant data points to re-interpret engagement in this new normal.

Riscarte Bayon, Email Marketing Director
Silversea Cruises

What the Heck is
Mail Privacy Protection?

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Make more actionable decisions based on the data available to you.

With MPP, the engagement data you collect from each platform provides value in different ways. This should be considered when making decisions based on your data. Everest organizes your data in a way that is more valuable and actionable. Your engagement data is segmented by platform, so it is clear which pixels are fired from proxy servers and which pixels are fired from real user opens.

With this segmentation you can:

  • Easily identify the portion of your subscriber base using Apple Mail who are impacted by MPP.
  • Create a segment of subscribers who can still be used to measure real user open data. This segment can still be used to run split tests where the result is determined by open rates.
  • Collect rich engagement data including device indentation, location tracking, dwell time, etc. from subscribers who don’t use Apple Mail clients.
  • Use the data from Apple Mail users to identify valid recipient email addresses. This regular validation is even more critical to remove inactive addresses as open data can no longer inform this decision making.

Capitalize on the changes introduced by Mail Privacy Protection

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