What the Heck is Mail Privacy Protection?

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Learn how to turn Mail Privacy Protection into a win for your email program.

Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) is the latest privacy feature Apple has introduced with iOS 15. This feature prevents email senders from using tracking pixels to measure open rates and device usage, while also masking recipients’ IP addresses to prevent location tracking.

This introduces a huge change for marketers. With now limited insight into who is opening your emails and how to tailor the consumer experience after the fact, there is an immediate need to adjust your engagement reporting strategy. But don’t worry, because Validity is here to help you navigate this shift.

In our eBook, What the Heck is Mail Privacy Protection?, you’ll learn everything you need to know about MPP to turn it into a win for you and your email program, including:

  • What MPP is and how it works
  • How MPP affects email senders and recipients
  • Strategies and tactics for responding to MPP
  • Tips and tools to help you continue to drive results through your email campaigns