Which Subject Lines Have More Impact?

Have you ever waited to hit the send button on your marketing email because you weren't sure if your subject line would grab your audience?  This year at Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2014, Return Path will have a team of email experts on hand to discuss subject line strategies and much more!

There are only a few weeks left till Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit in Las Vegas (Feb. 17th to the 20th). The team at Return Path will be at the conference running various coaching clinics, round tables, and solution sessions. Come join me for some great learning, hear from your peers what is working for them and gain insight into actionable steps you can take to increase your email intelligence. I am looking forward to attending and hosting a round table on subject lines and a solutions showcase on how to stand out in the Inbox. Below are the summaries for both sessions:

Solutions Showcase: How to Stand Out in the Inbox during the Busy Olympics Season

Tuesday, February 18th, Break 3:05-3:45pm

Description: About to deploy that brilliant promotional campaign with “Olympics” in the subject line? Wait! What if it’s not as brilliant as you think? What if another brand JUST beat you to it with the exact same promotion! And what if that campaign had really low read rates! Would your email strategy change if you had this data? Well, now you can have access to email intelligence data and insights through Return Path’s Inbox Insight! Inbox Insight is a new tool that gives marketers data and insights on what resonates with their subscribers. In this session, we will demonstrate how you can use Inbox Insight to see which email strategies and campaigns work best during seasonal events, such as the Olympics.

Round Table: How to Create More Impactful Subject Lines

Wednesday, February 19th, 2:30 to 4pm

Description: Join your peers to discuss and evaluate various subject line strategies and testing methodologies. We will start off the discussion by looking at real examples of subject lines that have generated record high read rates and also look at some subject lines that did not work at all. We will then discuss topics such as most effective keywords by vertical, testing urgency or exclusivity, and personalization.

Want to learn more about where Return Path will be at the Summit?  Check out our event page for more details.  I look forward to seeing all of you at Email Summit 2014!

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