What’s Your Score?

Know how the quality of your Salesforce data affects key business functions with assessments you can run any time.

Key Benefits

Uncover opportunities to increase revenue, make functional teams more effective, and deliver great customer experiences.

Propel company growth and reduce spend

The challenges created by poor CRM data create an urgent need to fix them.

Improve lead quality and customer retention

Learn the six ways CRM data impedes sales and what you can do about it.

Boost campaign effectiveness and ROI

Generate up to 70% more revenue with higher quality data.

How It Works

Validity Trust Assessments is a secure application that doesn’t just show you the quality of your data; it shows you how to improve it!

Unlimited on-demand

The ability to control assessment frequency allows you to immediately gauge the effect of a list load or current data quality practices.

Detailed analysis and

Evaluate how your data quality compares to the industry average with aggregated analysis of duplicate, malformed, and invalid data across CRM objects.

Step-by-step remediation

The step-by-step approach shows where to focus cleanup efforts, how much time is needed for each task, and which tools to use to restore quality.

Discover the truth about your customer data

What you don’t know can hurt you. Get your Data Trust Score and a detailed report on the quality and health of your customer data.

See how you measure up against the competition

How does your data compare against other companies in your industry, in your size, in your category? When you trust in your data and know how it stacks up against the competition, you can use your knowledge and data quality as a competitive advantage.

Discover the impact your data has on your business

Bad data affects revenue, campaign effectiveness, pipeline management, and customer retention. Running this assessment is the first step to becoming a data-driven business.

Learn how to improve your data quality

The Validity Trust Assessment is the only data quality tool that also provides a step-by-step remediation plan. You’ll be able to immediately put this plan into action and watch your data quality improve.

Why Good Data Matters.

Your customer data is the lifeline of your business. When your data quality is high, so is your customer engagement, campaign ROI, lead velocity, and other critical business functions.


of C-level executives believe data is an integral part of forming their business strategy


of companies characterize the data they are using as “very good”

$9.7 Million

is the average financial impact of poor data on businesses as measured by Gartner

Every business has a data trust score. Get your score today!

Learn where you stand and how you stack up against your competitors – and what you can do about it.



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