Validity Trust Assessments

Know the true quality of your Salesforce data and its impact on your business.

More than a score

From the most trusted name in customer data management, Validity Trust Assessments is a complete data quality assessment that provides:

Maximum insight into the state of your data quality and its impact on critical business strategies

Benchmark comparisons to see how you stand against competitors

A detailed remediation plan, backed by best-of-breed tools for data improvement

Our secure, on-premise application is easy to use and the most cost-effective solution on the market.

How It Works

Validity Trust Assessments is a secure application that doesn’t just show you the quality of your data; it shows you how to improve it!

Unlimited on-demand assessments

Generate assessments on-demand to evaluate current data quality practices and immediately gauge the effect of a list load.

Detailed analysis and benchmarking

Evaluate how your data quality compares to the industry average with aggregated analysis of duplicate, malformed, and invalid data across CRM objects.

Step-by-step remediation playbook

This approach shows you exactly where to focus cleanup efforts, how much time is needed for each task, and which tools to use to restore quality.

Know your customers

What you don’t know can hurt you. Get your Data Trust Score and a detailed report on the quality and health of your customer data.

See how you compare

How does your data quality compare to companies of similar size and industry? Leverage analytics to turn data quality into a competitive advantage.

Gauge the impact

Bad data affects campaign effectiveness, sales pipeline management, customer retention, and strategic decisions. In-depth insight helps you address problems at the source.

Improve data quality

It’s the only data assessment that provides a step-by-step remediation plan and tells you how to implement best-of-breed data quality tools. Put it into action and watch your data quality improve.

Why Good Data Matters.

Your customer data is the lifeline of your business. When your data quality is high, so is your customer engagement, campaign ROI, lead velocity, and other critical business functions.


of C-level executives believe data is an integral part of forming their business strategy


of companies characterize the data they are using as “very good”

$9.7 Million

is the average financial impact of poor data on businesses as measured by Gartner

Every business has a data trust score. Get your score today!

Learn where you stand and how you stack up against your competitors – and what you can do about it.