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How Validity’s Customers Are Turning Improved Email Performance Into More Revenue

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The 2020/21 pandemic has seen an upheaval in how email marketers interact with their subscribers. Message relevance and trust are the new cornerstones, and early adopters of these new best practices have benefitted in a big way. By using quality data to demonstrate empathy and build trust, they have reaped the rewards of greater engagement with their programmes – as well as more revenue.

Many of those senders have shared their success stories as guests on Validity’s packed webinar calendar. Here’s a recap of some of our favourite take-outs:

Dan Goran, Product Manager at Expedia Group shared in our “Why Email Data Quality Matters” webinar that it’s business-critical to have the right customer data platform. Building a “single source of truth” is key to building strong two-way customer relationships, and having the right tools to measure this success – and communicate it to your senior leadership – is vital to securing a larger budget.

Ed Tibbitts, Customer Journey Manager at WiggleCRC featured in “Get a Wiggle On” and highlighted the huge value of data and email. High quality customer data meant Wiggle could shift from “hard sell” messaging towards more informative email content, which subscribers found even more useful. With near 100% deliverability and big increases in open and click rates, they are also driving more organic traffic for complementary channels like social media, resulting in additional benefits from reduced spend on paid media.

Martí Díaz Lorente, Email Marketing Specialist at King discussed just “How King Unlocked a Treasure Chest of Email Value.” King previously had major deliverability issues, but by working closely with Validity to implement a far more customer-centric approach to their email marketing, they are generating 100% deliverability for all major mailbox providers. In turn, this has provided the foundation for an amazing 110% increase in open rates and a whopping 200% uplift in click rates.

Charlie Wijen, Digital & CRM Specialist at Philips joined us for “All A/Bout Split Testing.” Philips’ journey with Validity has seen them go from a Sender Score of 7 to a best-in-class global sender with near 100% inbox placement rates. Most recently, Philips has been using Validity’s data as part of a split-testing pilot that has delivered an average 33% engagement uplift. In Charlie’s own words: “There’s a straight-line relationship between better inbox placement performance and Philips’ program revenue.”

Melissa Dalek, Customer Contact Strategy Manager at Walgreens had no doubts about the “Email ROI” her program generates. She took us through how she measures ROI, her most important KPIs, and the value this has when it comes to showcasing program value and securing new investment. Melissa was unequivocal about Validity’s role in helping her achieve this, citing world-class deliverability, better understanding of her competitors’ strategies, and the outstanding service she receives.

Alex Fadahunsi, Senior CRM Operations Manager at Trainline came on board for “Train Your Email Brain,” talking about how email is every marketer’s Swiss Army knife and how Validity is the “multi tool” that has served him so well throughout his career. Alex also talked about how email is a “living thing” influenced by many external factors. He often has to manage C-level pressure to respond rapidly to those stimuli, and he explained how inbox placement visibility is vital to the success of those high-pressure campaigns.

Mike Nixon, Head of Digital & CRM at TAL (Australia’s biggest life insurance provider) joined us for “APAC Email ROI” and talked about their big drive for email automation, underpinned by their ability to showcase the channel’s cost effectiveness. With typical Aussie candour, Mike explained email is business-critical for TAL, and the importance of guaranteed deliverability means his long-term relationship with Validity is an “absolute no-brainer!”

The common theme we heard from all these fantastic Validity advocates is that email is more important than ever. The DMA’s latest Consumer Email Tracker report shows email is consumers’ preferred marketing channel (over 70%). With an average Customer Lifetime Value of £36 ($50) and Return on Investment of 38:1, there has never been a better incentive for getting your email program into top shape – especially when Validity’s Driving ROI report shows a medium-sized program could drive an additional $1M in program value by doing so.

If you’d like to become an email marketing and data champion like our customers, schedule a demo now to see how Validity can help.

And if you’d like to join me as a guest on one of our upcoming webinars, I’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and let’s talk about celebrating your email success on our global stage.