Train Your Email Brain!

72% of respondents say email is the most relied upon marketing channel across the customer journey! Just one of the insights from the DMA’s 2021 Marketer Email Tracker.

Anna Frigerio from the DMA joins Validity’s Guy Hanson and Elliot Hogg to review key findings from the newly released report, sponsored by Validity, which creates a benchmark of the email marketing landscape as seen through the eyes of the senders.

Alex Fadahunsi, seasoned CRM Operations Manager, together with Ignacio Lecuona, his Customer Success Manager at Validity, will discuss examples based on their own experience that illustrate an ongoing shift towards more informational content and away from paper-based communications.

You’ll learn:

  • Are blanket offers/promotions strategies still effective?
  • Do consumers receive as many emails as marketers think they send?
  • Why is there such a big gap in perceptions around relevance?
  • How much marketing budget is spent on email?
  • What impact will upcoming restrictions on behavioural tracking have?